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Matching Promise Rings For Couples

March 20, 2017
Why are matching Promise Rings a great gift for a young couple? They remains a popular trend among teens for exchanging these rings because of the underlying “promise” attached in the exchange. The promise equates to the couples sole devotion to each other.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples
Slightly similar but not as committed as a pre engagement ring, for couples too young or not yet willing to get engaged. The Promise ring range go from the delicately ornate, replete with hearts and gems, to the plain classic band. Choosing matching promise rings is a symbolic way for a couple to show off the promise they share, whether it is a promise of a future relationship to one another or if it is a shared commitment to chastity or Christian purity.

In most cases, however, his and hers matching promise rings are sign of an impending engagement in the future. Whatever the reason for wearing his and hers rings, these beautiful promise rings can be a lovely way to share a bond.

The practice of giving matching promise rings for couples is becoming increasingly popular nowadays after many years of the custom having fallen out of favor. Today, such rings are given and either platonic or romantic relationships. While you may think that the practice of giving matching promise rings  is a new development, similar practices have already existed for thousands of years. Numerous writings and artifacts that show that giving rings as a means to seal promises was practiced by church officials and dignitaries prove this.

Couples can choose a wide range of designs for matching promise rings. Popular styles include:

  • Class Rings : While his and hers class rings may not be identical, exchanging these personalized symbols can keep a couple closely connected.
  • Plain Bands : Plain metal bands are the easiest types of rings to find in matching styles. They could be made from gold, silver, or platinum, though these precious metals may be confused with wedding rings. Choosing a more unique metal, such as inlaid titanium, can make a promise ring distinctive.
  • Couples’ Rings : Many jewelers offer customized rings specifically designed for couples. They may feature the couple’s names or initials engraved on the outside of the ring, or they may include birthstones or gemstones.
  • Birthstone Rings : A birthstone engagement ring is highly symbolic, and that same symbolism is popular for his and hers promise rings. Couples can choose a ring style that includes both their birthstones, or each may wear a ring with the birthstone of their significant other.
  • Celtic Rings : Celtic rings feature intricately woven, highly symbolic knots and other symbols that can easily be worn by men and women, making them popular choices for promise rings.
  • Matching Gemstones : If a couple cannot find a style of ring that suits them both, it is possible to create unique rings that have matching gemstones. The couple could choose a distinctive diamond shape or a specific semi precious gemstone to add a matching element to their individual rings.
  • Engravings : Different his and hers rings can also be made to match with personalized engravings. The same words, phrases, or symbols can be engraved onto different promise rings to make them match in symbolism even if the ring styles are very different.
His and hers promise rings may showcase the strong bond a couple shares, but they can also cause problems. There are not many promise rings for men available and it can be difficult to match elaborate rings for a suitable set.

If a couple chooses easier matching sets such as plain bands, however, the rings may be misinterpreted as wedding rings or a stronger commitment than the couple has currently made. If this is the type of rings the couple chooses, they must be prepared to explain their choice and their promise so there is no confusion about their relationship or what their promise means.
Young couples have now the nice problem of picking out beautiful rings together to show their true commitment to one another. A promise rings can represent a vow of monogamy between you and your partner, or it can symbolize a commitment to remain pure until marriage.
Matching promise rings are appropriate for anyone who is old enough to have a serious relationship. Exchanging promise rings may even serve as a reasonable substitute for marriage in the eyes of couples who don't want to get legally married. These rings can be fashionable, but first and foremost are representations of love and honour.

Who Can Wear Matching Promise Rings?

At one point in a persons life, it is inevitable that he or she will meet someone to make a promise to. It may be a lover, a friend, or a family member. Anyone can make a promise to someone. Couples, whether they are to be engaged or not, wear matching promise rings for couples to signify their love and loyalty to one another. Then again, matching promise rings are not just made between lovers.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples
They are not made just for romantic commitment. Matching promise rings can be worn by the best of friends as a symbol of their never ending friendship. A promise that no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for each other. Parents can also give to and wear matching promise rings with their children as a reminder that mommy and daddy will always love them. A promise ring truly can hold a lot of different promises.

Tips In Buying Matching Promise Rings

Matching promise rings for him and her is very symbolic as it can hold a plethora of meanings. It is essentially something that is special. Because of this, buying this type of ring can be challenging. A lot of thought and effort needs to be put in to find the perfect rings.
  • Who are you going to give it to – Think of the person who will receive and who will wear the promise ring with you. This is important because you need to take into consideration his or her preferences aside from yours.
  • What the rings symbolize – It is a key factor in deciding the style, design, and material of the matching promise rings you are going to buy. You may want to choose a tungsten ring to symbolize a strong promise or simply choose a ring that is appropriate for the promise. The meaning behind the rings can help you decide on the material, style, and design of the rings.
  • How much your budget is – Your budget is important because it will narrow down your search for matching promise rings. You can look for them in jewelry stores or look through internet sites such as our site to help you find what you are looking for and to look for great deals. You can also opt to have the rings custom made. What is important is that you canvass first before buying anything.
Whether it is a promise ring for him or a promise ring for her, the important thing is that you capture the essence of the promise, of the commitment you are going to make, in the matching promise rings you are going to wear.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples – History

Although the term promise rings has been in use since the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, they are typically given as a sign of love and friendship. A particularly popular form of matching promise rings for couples was called the scribbling ring , and the embedded diamond crystals were used to etch romantic messages into windowpanes.

Another type of promise ring given in the past was called the poesy ring. These matching promise rings for couples were typically engraved with a message to a lover or very close friend.

Matching Promise Rings For CouplesWhen you’re looking to buy matching promise rings for him and her , keep in mind that they should be seen as a significant commitment that you intend to keep. This is particularly to with matching promise rings that contain a diamond. what you are trying to avoid in these situations is your intended message to be misconstrued. You may find that a short simple note given along with the ring would be helpful in making your intentions clear.

Cheap Matching Promise Rings For Couples

Some of the more common reasons to give matching promise rings for couples are during pre-engagement, as a vow of chastity or abstinence, and as a promise to remain monogamous. For purposes of pre-engagement matching promise rings, couples typically exchange these when they are sure of each other’s commitment but aren’t quite ready to become engaged yet. When given as a sign of chastity or abstinence, these rings are often given by a parent to their child. This signifies the child’s promise to abstain from sex until marriage. In some cases it may also symbolize a child’s promise to abstain from alcohol and illegal substances. Finally, matching promise rings for couples are also given by couples as a sign to remain faithful to one another.

Regardless of what the reasons are for giving matching promise rings for couples, the important thing is the sentiment behind it. Many people take such customs very seriously and it is not something you want to play around with unless you truly mean what the ring signifies. Make sure that your intentions are clear and that the receiver understands them totally, stay firm in your commitment to keeping your promise, and your matching promise rings for couples will remain a binding symbol for many years to come.

Diamond Promise Rings

March 20, 2017
Diamond Promise Rings
A promise ring is a ring that is exchanged between two people to seal a promise made between them. And for promises meant to last forever, nothing is better than exchanging Diamond Promise Ring, as diamonds are meant to last forever.

Diamond Promise RingsDiamond promise ring is usually a forerunner to an engagement ring and then to a marriage ring. A diamond pre-engagement ring signifies a serious commitment between two people. There are various types of diamond rings from which to choose.

Diamond Promise Ring is not as expensive as diamond engagement rings, as the diamonds used here are usually smaller. However, when buying a diamond promise ring, keep in mind the recipient’s taste in jewelry.

Choose the diamond promise ring wisely, as one who prefers simple jewelry would prefer a ring with a small stone.

Diamond Promise Ring usually cost from $100 to $400, and although promise rings are usually associated with women, there’s nothing wrong with getting a man a diamond promise ring.

Diamond Promise Ring - For When You Mean It

 Diamond Promise Ring is quite common, but many are not all that sure what they are. What is a promise ring? Promise rings (all of them, not just Diamond Promise Ring, I just love diamond ones) are a symbol of a promise made between two people that both intend to keep.

Diamond promise ringsNot just any old promise, there are lots of those. But a really serious promise. One that is so important between two people that they are both prepared to make a public statement of their promise and intention to keep it by the wearing of a diamond promise ring.

They can also be known variously as a pre-engagement ring, or a purity ring. A pre engagement ring is a symbol of an intention between two people to get engaged at some time in the future. A diamond promise ring of this type is a serious commitment.

A friendship ring is slightly different and may not be, strictly speaking, a promise ring. For example where two strong friends find that their lives take them to different parts of the world they can exchange Diamond Promise Ring to seal their continuing friendship.

A diamond purity ring, on the other hand, is a symbol of a very strong promise of a very serious nature between two people. This is perhaps the most well known and most serious type of diamond promise ring, and perhaps requires the most thought, and the most commitment.

Often entered into between two younger people, a purity ring is a promise about sexual purity. A display of a promise that a young person shall remain pure until the time is right. Still, though, a very serious promise.

Some consider that a purity ring of this type is a promise between two “people”, in that the other half of the partnership is God. The types of promise rings described are not exclusive. Diamond Promise Ring can be exchanged really for any reason. Nothing beats a diamond for a ring.

The Importance Of Giving Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings date back to the time when engagement became the norm, in the 1500s, when women were paired up with men by their families. But since then, promise rings have changed totally, from the time when rings were a sign of imprisonment, to a thing that can symbolize voluntary commitment.

This is one of the things that set diamond promise rings apart from other rings. A diamond promise ring is a ring that can symbolize something intangible while ensuring that the love of couples is kept pure and true.

So, couples who are looking for that perfect gift that can express a sense of commitment, love and promise, without the legal binds of marriage or the social rituals of engagement should buy a diamond promise ring for each other in order to affirm their relationship.

Types Of Diamond Promise Rings To Choose From

Diamond promise rings has a simpler design than that of wedding bands and engagement rings. The ring is a simpler version of a wedding band which has a precious stone set into the band rather than on top of it. Obviously, the precious stone of choice is a low carat diamond, but there are other people who opt to use other precious stones in their promise ring.

Nevertheless, diamond promise rings are seen as the benchmark type of rings for a promise ring, and a greater number of people who are keeping their promise of love and monogamy opt for a diamond promise ring than any other ring.

It has always been said that a promise is a promise, and that nothing can ever break that promise into two. So if you would like to reaffirm a promise to a loved one, there’s no other way to go than to buy diamond promise rings that can bear truth to the promise of love.

Meaning Of Diamond Promise Ring

Giving the diamond promise rings are the promise to love and cherish. The promise rings are the forerunner of the diamond engagement rings and it brings with it the promise of love and fidelity forever. Most young women receive diamond promise rings to cement the relationship and let others know they have a significant other.

There are many styles you can choose from with diamond promise rings. You don’t have to stick to a white diamond and you might want to choose from natural colored diamond promise rings for a really unique promise ring.

The diamond promise rings are not something new. This type of promise ring contained imbedded diamonds and using the diamonds they could write love notes to each other.

Giving the diamond promise rings are the promise to love and cherish. The promise rings are the forerunner of the diamond engagement rings and it brings with it the promise of love and fidelity forever. Most young women receive diamond promise rings to cement the relationship and let others know they have a significant other.

There are many styles you can choose from with diamond promise rings. You don’t have to stick to a white diamond and you might want to choose from natural colored diamond promise rings for a really unique promise ring.

The diamond promise rings are not something new. This type of promise ring contained imbedded diamonds and using the diamonds they could write love notes to each other.

The diamond promise rings are seen as a promise to get engaged to be married at a future date. The diamond promise rings are not expensive as diamond engagement rings and the diamonds are usually smaller. Before buying diamond promise rings, you need to consider the recipient’s taste in jewellery.

Some people prefer silver jewellery or white gold and this option exists when buying diamond promise rings. Natural colored diamond rings usually contain white diamonds, but you can have just about any color of diamond you wish.

The setting of the diamonds in a diamond promise rings are also something you have to consider. If the girl likes simple jewellery, a ring with a small stone is perfect. You don’t have to stick to just diamonds either in diamond promise rings. Combining the diamond with other colored stones also looks very elegant.

The price of diamond promise rings usually ranged from $100 to $400. Although promise rings are typically associated with women, you can also get men’s diamond promise rings. If you really want to be creative, you can have diamond promise rings designed according to your specifications. For the amount of money this ring would cost, you are probably better off buying a diamond engagement ring instead.

How To Buy And Avoid Scams

When buying diamond promise rings, an educated consumer always gets the best deal. Too many people shop for new cars and diamond promise rings alike without doing any research at all, and the salesperson often takes advantage of them.

Once the jewelers see you're an informed diamond promise rings buyer, they cannot scam you into buying overpriced diamonds which are worth far less than the salesperson claims. When buying diamond promise rings, you should go into battle educated and prepared.

You should use The Folder with your research of diamond pricing and sample printouts of similar competing diamonds in your size range from online sites. You should also have a good diamond buying book with lots of color photos to help you spot fakes, and worthless diamonds.

You should be as educated as the salespeople to play on a level playing field as you shop. Any legitimate jeweler would supply a loupe for you to inspect a diamond, which you the consumer have a right to do.

You should also ask to see the GIA certificate or AGS certificate for your diamond. Avoid synthetic Moissanite diamonds unless that is specifically what you want. Some jewelers will try to rip you off by claiming they are real diamonds.

To head this off, look through a 10x loupe and if you see double facets or a doubled diamond table reflection, then you most likely have a Moissanite synthetic diamond.

A good way to spot Cubic Zirconia fake diamonds is to view a newspaper placed behind the diamond. If you can read the print, then it’s a fake Cubic Zirconia diamond. A real diamond scatters the light so you should not be able to see the news print through the diamond.

Another trick jewelers can pull on you is to show you a yellow diamond and claim it’s a nice white diamond because they show it to you in front of a black background so you cannot easily see the color. You should also view your diamond in front of a white background to better detect any yellow coloring in the stone, and verify it against a color chart.

You also need to avoid jewelry store scams such as pricing codes. Some jewelers don’t post a price on their diamond promise rings, they post a cryptic code which they must decode for you.

This opens up the doorway to deceit and lies. If you look dumb, they might quote you a much higher price than a buyer who they know is informed.

Promise Gold Ring

March 04, 2017
Promise Gold Ring
A promise ring is a ring that is given as a promise between two people. This promise need not mean a promise that leads to marriage. It traditionally is given during dating when the relationship turns more serious.

Promise rings are not necessarily meant just for women. The current trend is for the woman to also give the gift of a promise ring to a man.

Promise ring should be made of a precious metal, such as silver, gold or platinum. The tradition to adhere to is that the ring be one solid circle. A continuous circle represents the circle of life or the unending love and affection that you are aiming to embody.
Gold is a commodity that popular for its value and beauty, which is the reason people like promise gold rings. Gold is a very strong metal. Since a promise ring is exchanged to signify the strength of the relationship between two people, promise gold rings can be best used to signify the strength existing between two people.

The color varies from bright yellow to dull yellow depending on the type of metal that is added to it to make a perfect promise gold ring.

In jewelry, gold is often alloyed or melted with other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, and nickel to give the metal added strength. These combination creates the different karat measurements such as 18-karat gold and 14-karat gold. 24-karat gold is gold in its purest form.

Who Can Wear Promise Gold Ring

In all honesty, anyone can wear a promise gold ring, but it may not be the best choice for every bride-to-be. It's wise to know what works best for your body and your skin tone so you can make an educated decision about your preferences. Warm skin tones, those with yellow undertones, sport yellow gold the best. That's not to say that cool toned girls should never wear it, but they usually look best in white gold, platinum, and silver.

If you're buying a promise gold ring for someone as a surprise, don't go by their skin tone and coloring alone. If the recipient wears mostly yellow gold, buy a promise gold ring. If they wear white gold most often, match it. Don't go by trends, skin tone, or tradition; instead, go by what feels right to symbolize your relationship with that individual and make the ring as individual as she is.

Where to Find Promise Gold Ring

The hunt for promise gold ring is as simple as going online. You can search on foot, too, of course, and in the long run you may prefer to inspect the pieces in person before you buy.

Getting an idea of the styles available and forming preferences is possible by spending an hour or two surfing online. Doing the early searches online can help you choose the stores you want to check out in person, too, which will also save you time in your pursuit of the perfect promise gold ring.

Caring for Promise Gold Ring

Store a promise gold ring in a cloth box or bag away from other jewelry to prevents the promise gold ring from becoming scratched by other jewelry.

Promise gold ring can be cleaned in a mild solution of soap and water or with special jewelry cleansers as well as alcohol and ammonia. However, ammonia should never be used on jewelry with fracture-filled diamonds ( if your ring or jewelry has diamonds on it of course ) as it may cause them to become cloudy or discolored.

Cleaning brushes should be used cautiously because they may cause scratching, particularly on higher karat-value pieces.

Chlorine should be avoided at all costs, as it may cause gold to dissolve or become pitted. So remove your promise gold ring before swimming or entering a hot tub, or when using harsh cleansers that may contain chlorine.

White Gold Ring

March 02, 2017
White Gold Ring
White gold ring can be exchanged as a sign of friendship, a sign of purity in the relationship between two people, or to signify a promise to oneself to abstain from vices until a certain date or you can wear it for yourself as accessories.

Basically, white gold is an alloy of gold and other white metals that has silver, nickel, platinum and palladium. Same as yellow gold, white gold can also be 18kt, 14kt, 8kt or any karat. An 18kt white gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% other material called silver and palladium. The color of this gold is white color.

The properties of white gold would normally vary depending upon the actual metals that are used in it and the proportions that is used in it.
So, white gold alloys could even be custom made for any particular purposes; for instance, alloys using nickel are usually very hard and very strong, so it could be used for rings and pins. White alloys using palladium are quite softer and more flexible and could be further used for settings to hold a gemstone.

White gold is actually speaking white; its actual color is grey steel like color that is treated with the metal rhodium which makes the finished white gold to appear white in color.
White gold ring are coated with Rhodium. Rhodium is same as platinum and also shares many its properties including its white color. Just because the natural color of white gold is light grey, rhodium plating makes white gold whiter. Since rhodium ultimately wears away white gold should be re-rhodium plated every 12 to 18 months.
Gold is considered as the traditional metal for Promise Ring but some people simply don’t like the look of it. This metal is not very strong in its purest form which means that it can be bent or chipped rather easily. This is why people with active lifestyles or labor-intensive jobs do not like to wear gold jewelry. Gold ring can often be destroyed or marred by common day-to-day activities.
Silver is also a popular choice but it can tarnish easily. Some people cannot wear it because the skin under their rings turning green, and black in some cases. You should consider white gold ring if gold and silver are to not to your liking.
White gold can also be used for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The price for white gold ring is inexpensive if you compare it to other precious metals such as gold or titanium. You will get durability and the look of silver without having to fear a green ring of skin under your ring when you go for white gold ring.
You can purchase white gold ring on the shops that sell jewelry. You should ask the jeweler to see what they have, and ask them about how to care for white gold ring before you decide to buy. You can also check out online outlets to find white gold jewelry for the cheaper price.

Men Diamond Promise Rings

February 28, 2017
Men Diamond Promise Rings
Diamonds have been the topic of pop culture for years. The mention of diamonds in context of men wearing diamond jewelry has not become popular until fairly recently.

The Diamond Men Promise Rings have become a fashion staple for any player in the entertainment industry.

What should a buyer look for when purchasing Diamond Men Promise Rings? There are four basic pointers that jewelry stores will offer when choosing the perfect piece of diamond jewelry:

  1. Cut - the cut of the diamond can make or break a diamond. How the diamond is cut determines how the diamond will reflect light – poorly cut diamond may appear dull. 
  2. Color - take great care when choosing the perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings. Traditionally, the less color a diamond has, the greater value the diamond will have. A diamond specialist at a jeweler will help you choose the color of diamond that fits your budget and personal taste.
  3. Clarity - the clarity of the diamond is based on the number of flaws and specks the diamond has. A flawless diamond will cost more. Many buyers choose to go for nearly flawless diamonds.
  4. Carat Size - this may be one of the largest factors in diamond price. The four basic diamond guidelines mentioned above can give the perspective diamond buyer a jump-start in picking the perfect diamond. There is no doubt that the popularity of men’s diamond jewelry is here to stay. Although most of diamond jewelry worn by celebrities and athletes costs more than some houses, men and women now wear diamonds. 

What Makes Perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings?

Diamond Promise Rings are something that have always been popular with women, to be worn as jewelry that was more than just an engagement or wedding ring. Many women would have multiple rings on both hands, whereas, a man would typically not sport much more than a wedding band or pinkie ring.

That has changed in recent years, as there are more options to choose from when it comes to Diamond Men Promise Rings. Rappers and hip-hoppers have made "bling" the in thing, when it comes to Diamond Men Promise Rings.

What makes a perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings? Diamond Men Promise Rings can be set in different shapes that may signify something, or simply as bands. Diamond Men Promise Rings still sport more metal in the setting than women's, to give a ring a more masculine, rugged or sporty look.

What makes a perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings can depend on the man's style and personality. Most men opt for a little more subtlety, although multiple diamonds don't carry the negative stigma they once did, so it all depends on the man's personality. When looking for the perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings, you need to keep this in mind.

There are many styles and places to look for the perfect Men Promise Rings. Many men wear their Diamond Men Promise Rings as a fashion accessory with suits or even with sweats, so this may be another consideration, when choosing the perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings.

What makes a perfect Diamond Men Promise Rings depends on the eyes of the beholder, and there are now more choices in shapes, styles, settings and types of metal to choose from.

Promise Rings White Gold

February 25, 2017
Promise Rings White Gold
A promise ring is unlike any of piece of jewelry you buy your lover throughout your relationship. It is a symbol of your promise to marry her someday.

They are also looked at as how far you would go to impress the one you love. So, it is an extremely important choice when you decide for promise ring that expresses your feelings best.

You will have unlimited option when it comes to deciding on promise rings, or other important rings. You can choose from thousands of styles and types of rings. The type of metal you can use is also an option that you have to decide on.

Gold is considered as the traditional metal for promise ring but some people simply don’t like the look of it.
Silver is also a popular choice for promise ring but it can tarnish easily. Some people cannot wear it because the skin under their rings turning green, and black in some cases. Thus, you should consider promise rings white gold if gold, silver or platinum are to not to your liking.
Like yellow gold promise ring, promise rings white gold are measured in karats. Popular markings are 18K, 14K, and 9K, and the quality stamp is found inside the ring. Eighteen-karat promise rings white gold are mix of 75% pure gold and 25% white metal, usually palladium or nickel.
In market, promise rings white gold are more preferable compared to yellow gold promise ring. It is also usually harder that’s why it can last for longer period of time. Promise rings white gold are usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold promise ring because it doesn’t wash off after years of use.
Another great attribute of promise rings white gold are that it looks great when encrusted with diamonds or precious stones. The neutral promise rings white gold will draw attention to the diamond or precious stone and will add an element of mystery and intrigue to it.
Promise rings white gold will not easily corrode or tarnish and is rust-free but with constant use, it may appear dull overtime. To care for your promise rings white gold, just use a baby toothbrush, warm water and a detergent free soap.

Diamond Heart Promise Rings

February 23, 2017
Diamond Heart Promise Rings
Diamond Heart Promise Rings are lovely symbolic piece of jewelry that can be used for many special promise. With many different designs to choose from, any couple can find Diamond Heart Promise Rings to perfectly express what their hearts feel.

Diamond Heart Promise Rings are also popular choice for romantic and unique engagement rings, and highly meaningful anniversary rings. Diamond Heart Promise Rings can also be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or any other special occasion, and they are popular designs for mother’s rings as well.

Why Diamond Heart Promise Rings are so special

Heart is a universal symbol of love, the heart has held meaning for centuries. The belief that the heart is the seat of our emotions, particularly love, comes from pagan and early Christian eras. To the Victorians, the heart symbolized love, intelligence and courage. The message "I give my heart to you" is unmistakable, communicates that sentiment beautifully.

Diamond is so precious, eternal and timeless when someone wears it, it reflects a bond to special person who gifted the diamond jewelry. Diamond is considered as the most prized of all gemstones and is used for most of jewelry nowadays.

Buying Diamond Heart Promise Rings

Diamond Heart Promise Rings are popular at most major jewelers, There are many quality jewelry sites online where people can buy Diamond Heart Promise Rings for someone special in their lives. You can choose what type, design, metal used, personal preferences and cost which suited for you and your girl.

Commonly, white gold, sterling silver, and yellow gold are the most popular choices for metal used for heart diamond promise ring.

Diamond Heart Promise Rings can be a lovely and romantic choice as long as the couple chooses a design that truly represents the sparkle that fills their own hearts.

As my experience, Diamond Heart Promise Rings should not have big flashy diamonds. Save that for an engagement or wedding ring. This symbol of heart is what is meaningful to your girl and little diamond is just an accent to the real meaning of Diamond Heart Promise Rings.

Princess Promise Ring Diamond

February 21, 2017
Princess Promise Ring
The princess promise ring diamond is more forgiving of diamond flaws. Any inclusions are less visible and any slight yellowish color is less noticeable. Also because of the extra faceting, princess promise rings are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than ordinary square diamonds.

What to watch out for is that the setting for your princess promise ring diamond protects the four pointed corners as these are the points prone to chipping. A recommendation for a good princess promise ring diamond is having a depth percentage range of 58-80% and table of 58-77%.

While not the traditional selection, princess promise rings are becoming very popular either as a solitaire or with accent stones.

Princess Promise Ring Guide

The princess promise rings that are popular today are a great improvement over the step cut used for square and oddly shaped diamonds. It is basically a square version of the brilliant cut, and is known technically as a square modified brilliant cut. The princess diamond cut was invented to obtain maximum brilliance from the diamond.

Advantages of the Princess Promise Ring

The princess promise ring works best with deep stones. This allows the maximum weight retention, and lowers the final cost per carat.

More Sparkle

Princess promise rings are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than other square diamonds.

Limitations of The Princess Promise Ring

Any sharp point on any diamond or other gemstone is a potentially vulnerable point, and the four corner angles of princess promise ring diamonds are no exception.

Not Just for Diamonds

The advantages of princess promise ring are not restricted purely to diamonds, it can be used on many other gemstones. The princess promise ring will obviously work best with lighter colored transparent stones.

Future Developments of the Princess Promise Ring

We believe that new variations of the princess promise ring will be developed with the corners cut in the manner of the emerald cut.

Promise Ring Engagement

February 15, 2017
Before you buy that ring for engagement or start looking at Promise Ring there are several things that can make your experience more enjoyable. First we'll go over Promise Ring.

Promise Ring Engagement For example Genuine Diamond Twin Heart solid 14K White Gold Promise Ring would be a great choice. It showcases a stunning lab created red ruby and is set beside 6 genuine point diamonds.

Rings for Engagement, these vary in price widely in style. Generally they are gold with a genuine diamond or cubic zirconium.
The rule of thumb is to spend 3 months salary on your engagement ring. Diamonds are a way to add value to any ring. The 4C's are simple, they're a Diamond's Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

Carat Weight
Carat Weight is a unit of measurement. 1 carat = 0.2 g and so on….

The Color
Colored diamonds may be yellow, green or brown, green or shades of pink. Blue diamonds contain the element boron (B). Natural yellow diamonds contain the element nitrogen (N). The amount of yellow color decreases the value of a colorless stone.

The Cut
The Cut, ensures that the stone has maximum brilliance and sparkle which would not be the case if the stone were cut for just carat weight.

Engagement Ring - Exclusive Jewelry For Exclusive People

Engagement is one such important function and it can not be completed without an engagement ring. The ring must be beautiful, pure, exclusive and of course of good price. It should be worth its price and value. The gold or diamond can be spurious or it may be not worth its price. In that case all you need is a genuine jewelry shop.

Searching for such shop is not a difficult task specially in this time were online shopping is quite popular among the masses. Now you can shop for ornaments also. You can buy gold, diamond and silver jewelry.

Some websites are also selling exclusive engagement ring and if you are shopping online then you can be ensured of genuineness of the material used. Since these are shops which sell certified jewelry. No general jewelry shop can give you this kind of guarantee.

That is why these online shops have become the latest hub for the jewelry lovers. Furthermore, price is one issue which people consider while shopping for jewelry. This issue is also taken care by online shops as you can cost-effective engagement ring also. And if you want you can get exclusive ones also.

Princess Cut Promise Ring - Romantic Gift for Your Girl

February 12, 2017
A princess cut promise ring can be a romantic gift for the woman that you love. It's a great as an engagement ring or for a post-wedding gift. With the escalating sales of promise rings, jewelries carry a wide range with a variety of features. Besides the ring features, you should also consider the price as it should fit your budget.

Princess Cut Promise Ring
Are you trying to figure out which ring will be perfect for your girlfriend? Do you want to ensure that she loves her diamond engagement ring for all the years that she will wear it?

There are many cuts and styles to choose from and one of them is the princess cut Promise Ring. Here is why the princess cut is the perfect ring for some women.
First, you must understand that every woman is very different and you have to tune into what she wants in a ring before you ever try to pick this ring out for her.

Second, know that the princess cut is a very popular ring and is loved by many women. This is the type of cut that will enhance the diamond's size without it having to be huge. This is important because the more sparkle and size to the ring the better in most cases.

Third, princess cut Promise Ring just one of many different styles and there seem to be many new cuts coming out every year so be careful what you pick.
Depending on which type of stone that she'll like and what you can afford, a diamond promise ring has been an all time favorite.

If that stone isn't within your budget, some women actually prefer a CZ or a set moissanite stone as they give a bright sparkle and flare due their manufactured perfections.

If you know for sure or she demands a diamond princess cut promise ring, a solitaire princess cut diamond promise ring may be that gift that will light up her fire.
Things to consider are the clarity and color of the ring.
  • clarity, you can spend a lot if you want an IF, VVS1 or VVS2 rating which are flawless or slightly included. Acceptable ranges can be VS1, VS2, or slighly included SI1 or SI2.
  • color, a rating G-J will show you that it is nearly colorless while D-F is colorless.
How about the metal type? Is she a gold lover? If so, does she love white or gold? If you're not sure, white gold is a pretty safe metal type. Besides gold, you can also choose platinum which is a little lighter on the weight side. However, platinum doesn't give the bright shine as white gold provides.
So if you really want to impress her with a romantic and stunning gift, please her with the sophistication of a brilliant princess cut promise ring. Some shops have a beautiful style, but don't have the right size available. Some shops have a very limited selection which can send you traveling from shop to shop. To avoid this, you can visit online stores that carry a large selection of jewelry and at discounted prices.

Wholesale Diamond

February 11, 2017
The term wholesale implies the selling of a good in bulk or large quantity. Wholesale diamond is the concept of selling diamond in large quantities, say in dozens rather than as a single piece, to the retail market and in turn sold to customers.

Wholesale Diamond
Buying diamond in wholesale is the smartest way to make money. Wholesale diamond suppliers sell diamond in bulk and at comparatively low prices. So people find it a great way to start saving money.

Wholesale diamond can be found in various metals and designs to suit your style and pocket. The wholesale diamond available with dealers includes round diamond, princess diamond, radiant diamond, asscher diamond, emerald diamond, cushion diamond, pear diamond, marquise diamond, oval diamond, heart diamond, etc.
And In Jewelry crafting includes diamond rings, diamond charms, diamond bracelet, diamond necklaces, diamond earring, etc. While buying diamond in wholesale, it becomes imperative to check the credentials and credibility of the dealer, especially in regard to the genuineness of the diamond.
The benefits of buying diamond in wholesale are that as a retailer you will have a chance to sell your diamond to the consumers at a reasonable profit. Another big advantage is that since the wholesale dealers purchase diamond directly from the manufacturers themselves, so you can be assured of getting the latest designs that you can in turn sell to your clients at reasonable margins.
Thus if you want to set up your own clientele and earn profits, then the best thing is to contact a genuine wholesale diamond supplier and buy diamond in large amounts at one go.

Initial Rings

February 10, 2017
Looking for a way to personalize your promise rings or wedding rings? The initial rings are the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion. No matter what event, you can remember perfectly with initials, a name, nickname, date engraved on the inside or outside of an initial ring.

Initial Rings
Initial rings has become a great way to celebrate special events. Continuously as a symbol of style, beauty, and status, initial rings are now a great way to show that you possess all of these while wearing a special keepsake.

Perfect as gifts to yourself or someone else, initial rings are always a unique, personal, and thoughtful gesture. The gift of a initial ring is one that will be remembered and treasured for years to come.
Initial rings have served as tokens of love, affection and friendship throughout history, and their importance has not diminished! An initial ring serves as a close, constant reminder of the relationship you share, or for a loved one who is no longer by your side.

Initial rings will be great too for Wedding day, Valentine day, Mother day, Father day, a birthday, or even an anniversary. Let someone know how special they are. With initial rings, the possibilities are endless!
Personalized name and initial rings make a perfect gift for anyone in your life. Show your loved ones how special they are with personalized jewelry uniquely crafted and created just for them! You can purchase and order for initial rings at jeweler or find at online shopping for cheaper prices.

What Personalized Promise Rings Mean

February 09, 2017
The meaning of personalized promise rings can be as varied and different as the individuals who give and accept the rings.

Generally speaking though, a promise ring symbolizes:
  • The commitment two people have made to one another – This can be a commitment simply to stay together as a couple or a commitment to a future engagement or marriage. If it's a commitment to a future engagement or marriage, the ring may be referred to as a pre-engagement promise ring.
  • A religious promise ring – This type of promise ring signifies the wearer's commitment to their faith.
  • A commitment to abstinence – These are referred to as purity promise rings in which the wearer commits his or herself to abstaining from sex until marriage. The purity promise ring can also signify that the wearer is choosing to abstain from things like alcohol and tobacco.
  • Friendship promise rings – These rings are exchanged between good friends with no romantic attachments. 
Personalized Promise Rings
When a person wants to give a truly special promise, a piece of personalized promise rings, either gold or silver, is a wonderful way to please the recipient. Men and women both enjoy receiving a personalized piece, and there are many items to choose from.

A name designed into a ring, engraved titanium ring, or a gold or silver charm for a ring are all excellent promise rings to show how special someone is.
If you want to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, then getting a personalized promise ring is the trick. While silver is typically used to make/design a promise ring, white and yellow gold bands of 10k and 14k can be done.

You can also do birthstone engraved promise rings for the person you want to give it to. If you don’t want a message but still want your ring engraved… place your name and the date you find significant.
Personalized Promise Rings are more attractive than ordinary promise rings. They make a personal statement on behalf of the givers and are an ideal way to convey respect and sentiment. Personalized Promise Rings in gold or silver are a way to make promise ring unique and to establish ownership.

Men and women enjoy wearing quality personalized promise rings, and the extra thoughtfulness of giving personalized gift of promise rings can tell the recipient how much they are cared for and loved.
Many of these items can be found at any quality jewelry store, with guarantees and services that come with the piece.

Sterling Silver Promise Ring

February 08, 2017
Sterling silver promise ring is always made of silver that is 92.5% pure. It is composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper. The word "sterling" is the most respected in the jewelry business today.

Sterling Silver Promise Ring
Since pure silver by itself is too soft, another metal such as copper is added to it, to give the silver its added stiffness and other qualities.

The resulting mixture is composed of 925 parts pure silver in every 1000. This proportion never varies. It is fixed by law. This is referred to as sterling and is often incorrectly called solid silver.

Sterling silver promise ring is made from this sterling silver, which is a white and highly reflective precious metal.
It is of superior quality, which reflects in its look and feel. Sterling silver promise ring is not very cheap, yet is also not beyond reach. It has a very distinctive look and can be easily distinguished. There is no mistaking the high reflective shine of this promise ring, which is one of its trademarks.

Choosing the right promise ring is a very important for young couple. Promise rings aren’t just ornaments, they hold a much deeper meaning. Besides the ‘beauty’ aspect of the promise ring, one has to consider comfort as well. Since a person wears the promise ring on a daily basis, it is essential to make sure that the promise ring you purchase is comfortable enough.

One significant factor in choosing a promise ring is the kind of metal. The days are gone when the choices were pretty much limited to yellow gold or diamond rings. With the passage of time, sterling silver promise ring has become incredibly popular.

They are very compatible with the momentous occasion of a promise. The reason why the popularity of sterling silver promise ring is rising day by day is because they look modern and match any outfit.

Gone are the days when only diamond and platinum rings were considered to good enough for promise rings and anything else was considered inferior. Although silver had been in use for a long time, mainly because of its aesthetic qualities, only recently has sterling silver been used much in promise rings.

The chief reasons for the growing popularity of the sterling silver promise ring is the affordability and versatility. It is not too difficult to engrave and resize a sterling silver ring. This is because sterling silver is ductile and has a low melting point.

Caring for your Sterling Silver Promise Ring

Sterling silver promise ring requires simple care. Like all fine jewelry, it should be stored in a protected area such as a Ziploc bag or wrapped in tissue. Many jewelry cases are also made with a protective interior felt on the inside to keep the silver safe from tarnishing. Avoid using chemical dips as these can cause severe damage to your silver.

Only use solutions and polishes that are made specifically for silver cleaning. Use a polishing cloth to clean it and wipe in back and forth, not in a circular motion. Contrary to popular belief, toothpaste is not a good product to use as a cleaner. It can contain chemicals that could potentially do more damage than good to your silver.

Many things may be too abrasive for sterling silver promise ring and will cause scratches so it is important to use a proper cleaner.

If you are on a budget and looking for an elegant, stylish promise ring for your beloved, then a sterling silver ring is the perfect choice. It is sturdy, long lasting, non-allergenic, light and, in short, an ideal metal for a promise ring or band. So keep sterling silver promise ring in mind when you go hunting for the perfect ring for your life partner. Sterling silver promise ring is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Silver Promise Rings

February 07, 2017
When a couple decides to exchange promise ring, they're proclaiming their commitment and love for one another.

In modern times, one of the biggest advantages of silver promise ring over gold promise ring is its affordability. Almost everyone can afford to purchase a silver jewelry for themselves nowadays. And, what's more, they make great and affordable gifts.
Silver Promise Rings
Silver promise ring have become a part of fashion for the general public in lieu of gold promise ring. That is also why it is called the average man’s ring.

Some types of rings are set in sterling silver. These could be puzzle rings, friendship rings and just a regular personal ring.
Some silver promise ring come with a gemstone set in the middle. Some of the women like this type of silver promise ring as it is prettier and more appealing to their tastes than gold promise ring. Some silver promise ring are set on silver necklaces so that it looks like a pendant.

How to Save on Your Silver Promise Ring

When it comes to buying the perfect promise ring, we know that it's as important as the promise itself. Since this promise ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that reminds you of something very dear, a cherished moment in your life, the promise ring should be absolutely nothing short of perfect. A great way to symbolize this infinity, commitment, strength and love is by choosing a silver promise ring.
When choosing the metal for a promise ring you will have many choices, 24 carat gold, 18 carat gold, sterling silver, platinum, and titanium. Each metal has its own beauty, and your choice should be made based on your style and the style of your spouse.
Of course, these rings do not have to be extremely expensive for them to signify true love. There are cheap promise rings that can serve the same purpose. There are people who will go so far to save money that they will actually buy a silver promise ring.

You can still get high quality gold jewelry at a better price if you look hard enough. There are companies that offer great discounts and even wholesale prices on promise rings, and remember that the money you save on the ring can be spent on the honeymoon instead.
If price doesn't play a significant role in your search for the most incredible silver promise ring, you should know that local jewelry stores can offer an array of extraordinary styles. In case your spouse disagree with the design of your choice, she may even exchange it. However, double-check on the jewelers return policy before you buy the ring.
If you are wanting to purchase a silver promise ring, then your best bet is likely to limit your searching to the online stores. You will come across many websites that will help you to get a silver promise ring at an affordable price many gorgeous rings are available for under $100! At the same time, you will be able to compare the quality of design that is offered by the online shops. The downside is that exchanges/returns may be more difficult.
It is not difficult to get promise ring with lower cost. However, you should know that cheap promise ring may not have as wide a variety of patterns and design. However, a majority of the available designs are fascinating.
In spite of whether you select a silver promise ring or a diamond ring, the right spirit of the event must be kept in mind. Go for a silver promise ring which will reveal your true love for her.

How to look after your Silver Promise Ring

Silver promise ring should be cleaned using a high quality cloth. Don't use a 'silver dip' product or any heavy scouring agent. You may get a bright polish effect to begin with but these will damage the metal and depending on design and finish of your silver promise ring.

Silver itself, is mostly resistant to corrosion, water and oxygen will not cause a reaction at normal temperatures and pressures. But it will tarnish with exposure to air, in reaction with atmospheric traces of hydrogen sulfide. The tarnish substance itself is called 'Black silver sulfide'.

Silver cleaning cloths act by removing this sulfur element, whilst leaving the metal surface undamaged. Tarnishing also occurs as a result of the other metals in the sterling alloy. Copper does react with oxygen and this is why silver sometimes develops a 'coppery' hue corrosion.
  • Salt will corrode most metals. Avoid wearing your silver promise ring in the sea and when doing tasks that include exposure to household chemicals.
  • Clean sweat from your silver promise ring, as the salt it contains will build up and can react with metal.
  • Remove silver promise ring before swimming - chlorine is not kind to silver!
  • Exposure to sunlight will increase the rate at which tarnishing occurs, so it's always a good idea to clean silver promise ring after sun exposure.
  • It is also advisable to avoid storing your silver promise ring in areas of variable temperature or constant bright light.
  • Wearing your silver promise ring regularly will slow tarnishing. As a soft precious metal, silver will scratch easily. It's important to always store your silver promise ring away from other hard items.
  • Avoid jumbled silver promise ring boxes crammed full of different items. The best place to store your silver promise ring is in the box that it came in. 
So to signify this promise, a promise ring can be exchanged between two people. There are many types of promise rings available: diamond, titanium, gold, white gold and silver promise rings, to name a few.

Silver Promise Rings
There are also many reasons to exchange promise rings: to signify the sealing of a long relationship between two people, to promise not to have sex until marriage, or perhaps to signify being a member of a cult or religious group.

Silver is a metal that has been used since the time of ancient civilizations to make everything from dishes to armor and crafted jewelry like silver promise rings. As such, a person with a small budget for a promise ring could ideally opt for a silver promise ring.

As silver is a malleable and ductile metal, the silver promise ring could be inscribed with lovely, private wordings to seal the relationship.

However, one of the disadvantages of exchanging silver promise rings is that since silver is susceptible to tarnishing and scratching, the silver promise ring might become tarnished and scratched in the long run. To maintain the life of the silver ring, it should be stored in a cool, dry place and regularly rubbed with a polish and polishing cloth.

The Meaning of the Silver Promise Rings

Silver Promise rings are really popular in the world we live in today. Along with gold and white gold, silver tops the list of most popular precious metals used to make promise rings all across the globe. But, where did the Promise ring originate?

By tradition, the brides ring was silver while, and the grooms' would be gold. But, today almost any type of metal may be used for the promise ring of both the groom and the bride.

Silver Promise rings are traditionally placed on the left hand and on the ring finger. The Promise ring is placed on the ring finger because of the belief that a vein in that finger runs directly to the heart, making the Promise ring a symbol of love and commitment.

The silver Promise ring symbolizes eternal love between two people, it is considered to be one of the most romantic of precious metals, and is often combined with diamonds. These beautiful rings make the perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, and of course, make the perfect Promise rings.

Silver Promise Rings and Where to Buy Them

Every fine jewelry store across the nation and beyond sells high quality silver Promise rings. They can be bought online, but it is a good idea to go to a jeweler and have the ring sized perfectly for your finger, although if you are sure about your ring size ordering ready made rings too are a good choice.

Promise rings come in all different styles and can be great for men or women, because the variety of styles can be either masculine or feminine. A few of the styles that are popular with silver rings are the original Promise bands, Celtic silver Promise bands, and braided bands, just to name a few.
Silver Promise ring is all a choice of taste; in some cases, people even have them engraved with special names or words. You should always choose a ring that reflects your personal style and has a comfortable fit. But no matter the cost the silver Promise ring is a symbol love, and should be cherished.

Silver Promise Rings Overview

Silver promise rings symbolize purity. This ring is given by parents to their children especially to teens as a remainder to maintain virginity until marriage. In the United States, there is a movement that is called Silver Ring Thing. This movement is a way to raise awareness regarding the increasing number of sexually-transmitted disease cases. The target of this campaign is teenagers. Silver Ring Thing celebrate this event with loud music, lighting, short comedy, and abstinence message.

In mythological view, silver promise rings are worn by Pagan priestesses. Silver rings are worn mostly by women as a symbol of association with feminine energies. Silver rings are also represents a woman’s religious and magical beliefs.

Symbolism of Silver Promise Rings

Just like silver promise rings, the Sterling silver promise rings are also given by parents as a reminder of sexual abstinence until marriage. Sterling silver rings are also given by opposite sex as a symbol of taking the next step which is marriage.

Silver promise rings are also given by both individuals to make a vow that they remain celibate. The reason behind this vow is to ensure that your partner will wait and ensure purity until you get married. Of course, most people want to have their first time to be special and silver promise rings serve as a great reminder for your pact.

Sterling silver rings do not only represent your love for human-beings, these also signify your love or devotion for God. This ring stands for unending love for God regardless of challenges that you face.

Whatever meaning you want to convey using your silver promise rings, Sterling silver rings offer a wide variety of design for you to choose from. Sterling has ring styles that will definitely suit for you and your partner. Some of the available sterling silver rings are Diamond Heart Promise Ring Crafted in Sterling Silver .07ct, Sterling Silver Round Diamond Heart Promise Ring (1/10 cttw), Sterling Silver Diamond Solitaire Promise ring .07ct tw (Sizes 4-9), Sterling Silver Round Diamond Promise Ring (0.12 CTTW), Three Stone Diamond Heart Shape Silver Promise Rings in Sterling Silver ( Sizes 4-9), and more.

White Gold Diamond Promise Ring

February 05, 2017
White Gold Diamond Promise Ring
If you decide for a classic and traditional look on an promise ring you can opt for a diamond with a gold band. But to add a little twist to it, you can choose a white gold diamond promise ring.

Diamonds are timeless representations of special events and unforgettable moments in our lives. We give and receive diamonds as gestures of love, trust and friendship.

They are symbolic of strength, virtue, wealth, and eternal love throughout history.

White Gold Diamond Promise Ring White gold is actually the result of an alloy that is added with a white metal. This metal may be palladium or nickel and this gives it the white and slight yellow tinge to it. Like gold, white gold is also measured in carats.
The best carat for making a white gold diamond promise ring is 18 carat white gold which is combined with palladium, meanwhile a 14 carat white gold will not have the enough strength to hold precious stones thus; it can be used for other types of jewelry like for plain bracelets, rings or pendants.
To achieve a radiant color for a white gold diamond promise ring, the band is covered with a hard metal, rhodium. The price of this promise ring depends on the purity and carat weight both of the band and the diamond itself. The way the ring is constructed and designed will also determine how much the promise ring would cost.

White gold will not easily corrode or tarnish and is rust-free but with constant use, it may appear dull overtime. To care for your white diamond promise ring, just use a baby toothbrush, warm water and a detergent free soap. You also have to make a conscious effort to remove your ring when cleaning and using harsh chemicals.

The nicest thing about white gold is the elegance it exudes in spite of its simplicity. Furthermore, the white gold sparks up the curiosity of why it is special and therefore becomes intriguing, unlike gold.

The Beauty of White Gold Diamond Promise Ring

Among the so many types and kinds of promise rings that have emerged over time, one of most popular choices of brides and grooms is gold.

Today, wanting to veer away from the traditional color of yellow in gold, more and more couples choose white gold diamond ring for their promise ring.

The contemporary beauty of white gold diamond promise ring never fail to get the attention of countless future brides and grooms out there because it exudes elegance, simplicity, modernism and power all at the same time.
If you are ready to wear a precious white gold diamond promise ring on your finger, then you might do a little research before finally purchasing it.

According to countless surveys, gold is the most common choice of most couples for their promise ring. Gold can either be white golf or yellow gold. Common standards says that fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either 14-karat (K) or 18 karat (K) gold.

The 18-karat gold should consist of 18 parts pure gold combines with 6 parts other metals while the 14-karat gold has 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts of other metals. In market, white gold is more preferable compared to yellow gold. White gold is usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold because it doesn’t wash off after years of use.
If you are looking for a valuable and reliable mount for your diamond, then you should settle for an 18-K white gold because it is harder and its resistance against scratches is greater compared to other metals. An 18-K white gold is also recommended compared 14-K white gold because it has white color.
The woman who is bound to wear a white gold diamond promise ring is a woman who is far from ordinary. The white gold diamond promise ring will surely sum up how she is and how special she is to the man who gave it and who apparently is the one who promised a lifetime of love.
So why not display to the world the seriousness of your promise by the wearing of a white gold diamond promise ring? There’s no better way to make a commitment to each other until the time is right.

Meaning of Promise Ring

February 02, 2017
Meaning of Promise Ring
Promise ring is a ring given as an outward and physical expression, or symbol, of a promise made between two people.Ring, as symbols of royalty, wealth and promise, has long been used to demonstrate a commitment to a cause, purpose or promise to act.

Within the Church and other religions, the rings have been worn to show the promise of the user to be faithful to the Church or to traffic.

Ring exchanges between men and women are documented in Egyptian and Roman literature and simple friendship rings were popular in 17th century France.

For the last 200 years, precious stones and diamonds, set in rings, have been given the most serious show its commitment and promise to another and today, even those of more modest can show that same commitment with fine diamonds, gold and silver designs.

And because our hands are more visible, and parts of our physical Nor is it surprising that a ring, well chosen and designed artistic life, is a more fitting expression of a promise to another.

In some cases, the promise ring is precursor to the commitment rings. While they symbolize a promise to marry, the promise ring can stand for many other types of promise. 
Promise Ring can mean:
  • I am in love with you
  • I will be faithful to you
  • I’ll be with you for entire of my life
  • You are the one
  • I will promise you
  • I will keep your secret
  • My intention is to get married with you, but I am not yet ready to commit
  • I promise to leave a vice (gambling, drinking, smoking)
  • I will always be there for you
  • I will save my virginity only for you
  • I will return to you
  • I promise to replace it with a ring (more) diamond one as soon as I can afford it
  • We are best friends Men and women can give Promise Ring

Some promise ring do small diamonds, but no ring may represent a promise. If the ring is quite large, the donor may have a name or initials engraved or a few words that summed up the promise. It is better to avoid band rings, if that can be confused with wedding ring.

When giving a promise ring, it is important to communicate the sense that you give to it. A simple note accompanying the ring, to be read prior to opening the gift, can clarify your sentiments.