November 24, 2016

Diamond Promise Rings

When you want to make a promise that you can surely keep, there’s no better way to seal that promise than with diamond promise rings. A diamond promise ring is a ring specifically designed for couples who would like to keep a bond together as a couple, but neither as an engaged couple nor as a married one. Promise rings are made for couples who would like to stay together without any legal or social bonds to keep them. Diamond promise rings therefore express love at its purest, just like how a diamond is pure and absolute.

November 22, 2016

White Gold Promise Rings

White gold promise rings are the new trend. There are many ways to show someone that you will stay true to the promise that you made. More than just the words that came from your own mouth, there are also other ways and other things that would show and symbolize the essence of your promise. One of these is by putting a white gold promise ring on your fingers.

What Are White Gold Promise Rings For?

Promise rings, as its name suggests, are worn to serve as a reminder of a promise or commitment that is made. More often than not, couples usually use white gold promise rings to symbolize their promise to love one another. In this sense, it may be similar to that of an engagement or wedding ring. These rings serve not just as a symbol, but also as a seal to that promise. White gold promise rings are also for promises other than that made by lovers. The promise rings may also serve as a reminder of any kind of promise–the commitment to be friends forever, to stay in touch, to be back after a long time, and any other promises. All in all, white gold promise rings are an elegant symbol to remind you and others of a promise and commitment.

Advantages Of White Gold Promise Rings

Aside from their function as a symbol and reminder, there are also other advantages as to why you should choose white gold as the material for your promise ring. White gold is considered and regarded by many as the best alternative to pure gold and platinum. The material is an alloy of gold which means that it still has gold content.

White gold promise rings do not easily tarnish in time. This is probably one of its best advantages. Aside from less maintenance worries, the timeless beauty of the material can also symbolize everlasting promises. White gold is also durable and strong. It is even much stronger than platinum. It cannot be damaged or bent easily. This feature also enhances the essence of the promise ring.

When it comes to appearance and appeal, this ring exudes simplicity and elegance. The white material can be easily paired with any design and style. Customizing the ring is also not a problem. It has a classy look that is very pleasing.

Promise rings made of white gold is also more affordable than others. It is a quality material that fits your budget so you are sure that you have a great deal when you buy one. White gold promise rings are a stylish way for you to show and keep your promises.

June 7, 2016

Matching Promise Rings For Couples

Matching promise rings for couples are given by two people to one another as a symbol of a promise made between both of them.

Silver Promise Rings

Silver promise rings are commonly given as a symbol of love and commitment. These promise rings are worn by two individuals who vow to love another unconditionally. However, promise rings have different meanings depending on the intention of the person who gives the ring.

Silver Promise Rings Overview

Silver promise rings symbolize purity. This ring is given by parents to their children especially to teens as a remainder to maintain virginity until marriage. In the United States, there is a movement that is called Silver Ring Thing. This movement is a way to raise awareness regarding the increasing number of sexually-transmitted disease cases. The target of this campaign is teenagers. Silver Ring Thing celebrate this event with loud music, lighting, short comedy, and abstinence message.

In mythological view, silver promise rings are worn by Pagan priestesses. Silver rings are worn mostly by women as a symbol of association with feminine energies. Silver rings are also represents a woman’s religious and magical beliefs.

Symbolism of Silver Promise Rings

Just like silver promise rings, the Sterling silver promise rings are also given by parents as a reminder of sexual abstinence until marriage. Sterling silver rings are also given by opposite sex as a symbol of taking the next step which is marriage.

Silver promise rings are also given by both individuals to make a vow that they remain celibate. The reason behind this vow is to ensure that your partner will wait and ensure purity until you get married. Of course, most people want to have their first time to be special and silver promise rings serve as a great reminder for your pact.

Sterling silver rings do not only represent your love for human-beings, these also signify your love or devotion for God. This ring stands for unending love for God regardless of challenges that you face.

Whatever meaning you want to convey using your silver promise rings, Sterling silver rings offer a wide variety of design for you to choose from. Sterling has ring styles that will definitely suit for you and your partner. Some of the available sterling silver rings are Diamond Heart Promise Ring Crafted in Sterling Silver .07ct, Sterling Silver Round Diamond Heart Promise Ring (1/10 cttw), Sterling Silver Diamond Solitaire Promise ring .07ct tw (Sizes 4-9), Sterling Silver Round Diamond Promise Ring (0.12 CTTW), Three Stone Diamond Heart Shape Silver Promise Rings in Sterling Silver ( Sizes 4-9), and more.

Promise Rings For Her

Buying promise rings for her is a decision that requires a bit of forethought and planning, especially since such a purchase represents a significant promise or commitment.

When you buy promise rings for her, you are essentially offering a lasting symbol of a declaration of love, high regard, or a promise that you will commit to for the long term.

Personalized Promise Rings For Her

The custom of giving promise rings differs significantly from giving engagement rings, in that you are allowed a great deal more flexibility with regard to the materials used, as well as in the design. Whereas engagement rings are typically limited to a few traditional materials and designs, you can basically let your imagination run free with promise rings for her.

Promise rings for him and her are essentially the same since they both signify a vow of love or commitment. Promise rings may also be given by friends to each other, or they may be given by parents to their children. Some people even wear promise rings as a sign of a promise to himself or himself to quit smoking or drinking, for instance.

Promise rings take on an even deeper significance when they are given to a significant person in your life, such as your girlfriend or future wife for example. In these cases, you probably won’t want to settle for cheap promise rings for her, and will want to spend a little bit more on the purchase. You don’t necessarily have to buy diamond promise rings for her of course, although you will want your gift to match the significance of your commitment.

Engraved Promise Rings For Her

The practice of giving promise rings actually dates back to more than 400 years, when they were first exchanged to symbolize a commitment of love or friendship between two people. Although you have a lot more options in materials to use for your promise rings for her, they are typically made of white or yellow gold, and they may be fitted with diamonds. In some cases, promise rings are made out of 14 carats solid gold. Silver is also a popular metal for promise rings, and more people opt for such promise rings because of their relatively low cost compared to gold or a diamond promise ring.

As for the shapes and designs used for promise rings, you are only really limited by your imagination and your preferences. You may want to sketch out your own unique design for promise rings for her, particularly if you want to give a unique gift to that special someone in your life. If inspiration is a bit short, there are certainly a number of promise ring designs that you can choose from, and you may be able to adapt them slightly to your own preferences with the help of a competent jewelry designer.

Exchanging promise rings is a practice that isn’t quite as popular as it was several years ago. Nevertheless, it is becoming an increasingly common trend nowadays, and it is unlikely that the custom of exchanging promise rings will die out anytime soon. Choosing promise rings for her is not easy, but offering a lasting symbol of your dedication to her.

Promise Ring For Men

In practice, buying promise ring for men admittedly isn’t all that common but it is definitely a trend that is becoming increasingly common nowadays.

As more and more men relax their standards for fashion, promise rings for men have become quite acceptable social gifts. As you can imagine, this has resulted in a number of options for a cheap promise ring for men that are quite affordable to even shoppers with the most modest budgets.
That being said, there are also numerous options for more sophisticated and elegant gifts, with a gold promise ring for men being so often most popular options nowadays. The important thing to remember beyond the monetary value of the gift however is the significance of the promise behind it.

Promise Ring For Men – History

Promise rings have traditionally been given by couples to each other as a sign of a commitment or a promise for the future. Typically exchanged as a pre-engagement gift, promise rings have come to signify a number of other significant commitments as well. Nevertheless, it is still during pre-engagement when promise rings are most often given, and they remain popular ways for sealing an engagement or even a marriage proposal.

Promise Ring For Men – Choices

Interestingly enough, promise rings do not have quite as much history and tradition behind them as engagement and wedding rings. This lends the practice of giving promise rings a great deal more flexibility, although with its increasing popularity, it is inevitable that it will build up its own traditions as well.

Nevertheless, promise rings can be made out a any type of metal–unlike engagement and wedding rings that tend to be restricted in the choice of material–and they can be of any size and shape. In addition, promise ring for men can be worn in any finger that the wearer wishes. It is probably safe to say that this flexibility has made a promise ring for men more acceptable to a lot of otherwise reluctant guys!

Just like with any other type of ring, you do have to consider the receiver’s tastes when choosing promise ring for men. You will also want to decide on specific materials and styles that are appropriate to the person that you’re giving promise rings to.

The choice of metal is a particularly important concern when choosing promise ring for men, since this can greatly affect the durability of the promise ring as well as its look. Gold is still a popular option, although you do have to realize that too high a gold content can result in a ring that is too easily scratched. If the wearer regularly engages in strenuous activities using his hands, a better option in promise rings material is silver, which will hold up to hard use a lot better.

As for the style, the wide range of options in promise ring for men ensures that there is always a good choice no matter what the receiver’s taste is. Whether you go for a traditional design, or a more contemporary and cutting-edge look is what you’re after, you will probably find more than a few good options in promise ring for men that will fit your budget.

May 24, 2016

Mens Promise Rings

What is it with mens promise rings anyway? Why is this type of jewelry becoming so big lately? Is this already the time where men really know the more important things in life? Well, no matter what the case may be, there will always be a mens promise ring available for the taking. It is not impossible to see how these have changed the outlook on these kinds of jewelry. And for such, it should be given ample meaning so that men will understand their real value. There are a lot of things that can be said about mens promise rings. But one thing that will surely be the case is that they will give more light to the idea of keeping a promise, whether its for oneself or to a special someone whom you treasure the relationship with.

Cheap Promise Rings

Promise rings come in all shapes and sizes, and you have virtually limitless options with regard to the type of cheap promise rings you can buy.