Simple Promise Rings

They say that if you like it, then you should put a ring on it and perhaps, simple promise rings are the perfect rings to put on. Nowadays, a lot of people are getting into churches to get married, but a lot more people are coming out of courthouses to settle their divorces. This is perhaps why engagement and marriage is such a hard pill to swallow, because love, after all is not enough.
Make A Simple Promise With Simple Promise Rings

So, what if you want to make a promise to someone that will last for a lifetime, but you don’t want to be tied down to the constricting body of marriage? Perhaps, what you can do is to buy a promise ring. Promise rings are rings dedicated to a certain promise, in this case, the promise of love everlasting. Simple promise rings does not have the commitment of a wedding ring or the price of an engagement ring. A promise ring is a symbol of monogamous love and of promises that you can keep.

Styles Of Simple Promise Rings That You Can Choose From
There are a lot of designs of simple promise rings that you can choose from. One of the most popular styles of simple promise rings is to have a rather thick band with a small gemstone set in the band. It can either be in gold, silver or a combination of both, and the size of the gem is about a quarter or less than the carats used in engagement rings. There are a lot of gems to choose from such as sapphire, ruby, and the all too familiar diamond. Through these variations and with the simple design, you can get the simple promise rings of your choice for a cheap sum.

But, the reason why a promise ring is so popular is because these rings are able to convey what words can’t say. If you are man head over heels with the one that you love, and would like to spend the rest of your lifetime with her, you shouldn’t ask for her hand in marriage. What you need to do first is to make a pact with her that you’re building a future for the both of you and ask for time. And then introduce the idea of a promise ring, which can symbolize the fact that you are keeping that promise. Now, just wait until she gets head over heels all over you.

Mens Promise Rings Matching Promise Rings Matching Promise Rings For Couples

Sometimes, words are not enough to say what you feel, and it’s even harder if your feeling is somewhere in between engagement and marriage. This is why there are simple promise rings, rings that can be given to your loved one as a sign of love, respect and commitment.

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