Promise Rings For Her

June 07, 2016
Buying promise rings for her is a decision that requires a bit of forethought and planning, especially since such a purchase represents a significant promise or commitment.

When you buy promise rings for her, you are essentially offering a lasting symbol of a declaration of love, high regard, or a promise that you will commit to for the long term.

Personalized Promise Rings For Her

The custom of giving promise rings differs significantly from giving engagement rings, in that you are allowed a great deal more flexibility with regard to the materials used, as well as in the design. Whereas engagement rings are typically limited to a few traditional materials and designs, you can basically let your imagination run free with promise rings for her.

Promise rings for him and her are essentially the same since they both signify a vow of love or commitment. Promise rings may also be given by friends to each other, or they may be given by parents to their children. Some people even wear promise rings as a sign of a promise to himself or himself to quit smoking or drinking, for instance.

Promise rings take on an even deeper significance when they are given to a significant person in your life, such as your girlfriend or future wife for example. In these cases, you probably won’t want to settle for cheap promise rings for her, and will want to spend a little bit more on the purchase. You don’t necessarily have to buy diamond promise rings for her of course, although you will want your gift to match the significance of your commitment.

Engraved Promise Rings For Her

The practice of giving promise rings actually dates back to more than 400 years, when they were first exchanged to symbolize a commitment of love or friendship between two people. Although you have a lot more options in materials to use for your promise rings for her, they are typically made of white or yellow gold, and they may be fitted with diamonds. In some cases, promise rings are made out of 14 carats solid gold. Silver is also a popular metal for promise rings, and more people opt for such promise rings because of their relatively low cost compared to gold or a diamond promise ring.

As for the shapes and designs used for promise rings, you are only really limited by your imagination and your preferences. You may want to sketch out your own unique design for promise rings for her, particularly if you want to give a unique gift to that special someone in your life. If inspiration is a bit short, there are certainly a number of promise ring designs that you can choose from, and you may be able to adapt them slightly to your own preferences with the help of a competent jewelry designer.

Exchanging promise rings is a practice that isn’t quite as popular as it was several years ago. Nevertheless, it is becoming an increasingly common trend nowadays, and it is unlikely that the custom of exchanging promise rings will die out anytime soon. Choosing promise rings for her is not easy, but offering a lasting symbol of your dedication to her.

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