A Promise Ring Meaning

January 23, 2017
A Promise Ring Meaning
A promise ring is a piece of jewelry given when a commitment or promise has been made between two people and the ring is meant as a memento of that commitment.

Generally, the reason to give a promise ring is for a pre engagement and will be changed with engagement ring when they married.

The promise ring meaning is decades if not centuries old. The promise ring meaning is not usually as elaborate or as costly. They cost much less money than an engagement ring but has a similar meaning.

A Promise Ring Meaning Teenagers or young adults not quite ready for the full commitment of engagement and planning a wedding will often give promise rings as a symbol of their love and their decision to at some point when they are older to consider marriage to one another.
Many different types of promise rings indicate the importance of their commitment and are a good way to young couple to express their love for each other.

The promise ring does not have to be made of gold and diamonds. The Irish often give rings with Claddaghs, where two hands hold one heart. Other cultures give promise rings with other symbols such as an iron cross or a message of “I love you” spelled out in gold letters. No matter the symbol or expression the promise ring meaning is the same.

Other traditional meanings of the promise ring are an actual commitment to get married, just not the commitment to set a date at this time.

Promise rings meaning you are engaged, but it also means a much longer courtship and engagement will ensue before any firm plans are put into place.

For couples financially and emotionally prepared for marriage a promise ring can be the actually engagement ring, but it is worn on the opposite hand the engagement and wedding rings would be worn. Older couples closer to being able to commit to marriage may choose this for their promise ring meaning. 

How to Buy a Promise Ring

When you are looking to buy a promise ring, it's important to get a ring that your significant other will love and cherish
  1. Decide what promise you are making before you begin to shop for a promise ring . The promise you are making with the ring will be the basis on the style of promise ring you will purchase.
  2. Find out what size of ring the recipient of the promise ring wears.
  3. Look for a promise ring that you are sure the recipient will love. Choose a style that is similar to other jewelry that he or she owns.
  4. Determine if you want to choose a promise ring that sets a diamond or other gem. A birthstone can be a great choice.
  5. Purchase the promise ring at a local jewelry store, local department store or online.
  6. Usually it’s more cheaper if you buy at online store than at local store
  7. Engrave the promise ring, if it is wide enough, with your initials and the initials of the recipient. This is just an optional.
  8. Present a promise ring to your loved one while clearly explaining what a promise ring stands for and the promise you are making by presenting it.

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