Commitment Rings

January 26, 2017
Commitment Rings
Commitment rings are rings given as a gift that symbolizes a promise or commitment, though the actual meaning can be unique between the person giving and the person receiving the gift.

Traditionally, a man gives a commitment ring to a woman, though it is not unheard of for a woman to be the one to give a commitment ring to a man. A gift of a commitment ring should typically be accompanied by an expression of what the ring symbolizes to a couple.

Commitment Rings and Why We Should All Be Giving Them

If you’re not quite ready for marriage, yet would still like to show your partner that you are committed. A perfect compromise would be to present them with a commitment promise ring.

Commitment Rings Commitment rings are the middle ground between an official and long term commitment and a public announcement or promise that you only have eyes for each other. Hopefully this “one other” is the proud recipient of your commitment ring.

Commitment promise rings are very popular in high schools for young couples just beginning to enjoy the first feelings of love and romance. A commitment ring need not be expensive, more importantly it is about what it represents. It’s a public show of your affection, it shows your desire and intention.

When was the last time you bought your partner a gift or a trinket that simply said to them that you loved them? Let’s take Valentine’s day out of the question, this is the time of year we’re expected to give our partners a gift or a card.

If we also remove birthday’s and Christmas, it actually becomes very rare for any of us to make a gesture of love or commitment, unless we really have to.

The first glance, the first time holding hands and the inevitable first kiss. For those of us lucky enough to remember our first commitment ring, it somehow brings back all of those lost feelings.
So my recommendation to everyone is to give your loved one a commitment promise ring. Do not wait until a special day before doing so, do it long before or long after Valentine‘s day. Live for the moment and for the romance. Even if you’re already married or engaged.

Commitment promise rings can mean so more these days than just a token gesture of your love. They enlighten lost memories, allow us to relive a time when romance was exactly that, a time before bills and mortgages, a time when we showed our love just because we wanted to.

In a way, the fact that commitment rings are so inexpensive adds to the romantic gesture. In a way, it is easy to mistake love and romance based on the value of a ring. In summary, commitment rings are now back in vogue but only for the very true romantics among st you.

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