Friendship Rings

January 28, 2017
Friendship Rings
Many people come into our life, but a true friend makes a grand entry. He or she is someone who moulds our life in such a way, that things don't remain same anymore.

Friends have deep attachment. Sometimes a friend is closer than parents or soul mate. We share to secrets with friends, knowing that they will never defy our trust.

Such friends need to be shown that they really mean a lot to us. We need to express our gratitude to them by offering some souvenir of Friendship. Friendship Ring is a beautiful token of friendship. It looks elegant and sober as a gift.

Friendship promise ring signifies closeness with your best friend. Friendship ring is usually worn on little finger on either of hand. So, make this friendship day memorable for your friend by giving a beautiful friendship promise ring.
Friendship RingOften worn in pairs, friendship ring signify unconditional affection and support for each other. Friendship ring can be worn on any finger, though most of them wear it on the little finger.
Many varieties of rings can be worn and gifted to friends to symbolize their friendship. Popular being the Irish Claddagh rings, silver friendship ring, gold friendship ring, diamond friendship ring, engraved friendship ring, and lots more.

The Irish Claddagh rings are now becoming popular as friendship promise ring. One can opt for personalized friendship ring or engraved friendship ring which are made to order It is not necessary to go in for expensive rings such as silver friendship ring, gold friendship ring as one can opt for cheap friendship ring also which can contain craft beads, faux jewels, faux furs etc.

Friendship rings are often sold in pairs and worn by two people to denote their appreciation and unconditional support for each other. Friendship rings are used to symbolize a close relationship that has no romantic undertone. Friendship rings are often worn on the little finger, as a way of differentiating them from regular rings; however, this is not a set rule, and many people wear their friendship rings as they would any other ring.

Irish Claddagh promise rings are traditionally associated with love and couples, but are now also being used to symbolize friendship. A Claddagh promise ring consists of two hands holding a crowned heart, which has a multitude of interpretations. Friendship rings are often worn by young people, that is why Claddagh rings can be used without running the risk of others confusing their meaning.
Most friendship rings are simple. Friendship rings often avoid a design that may confuse them with an engagement ring or a wedding band, such as a solitary diamond or a plain gold band. Friendship rings can also be homemade with craft beads or similar materials, as the meaning of the ring has little to do with its quality.
Friendship Rings
Some groups of young people will purchase identical rings, to show their allegiance to their group, and set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

A popular choice is the poesy ring – a simple silver band that has a motto stamped or engraved on the outside. Another popular show of friendship is the purchase of identical class rings, though these are less common in the UK than they are across the Atlantic.
When shopping for friendship rings online , consider whether it’s worth having bespoke pair of rings made for you and your best friend – often a silversmith working on custom jobs will have a very competitive price online.
So, symbolize your love and friendship with a pair of adorable friendship rings. Great idea for gifts and special occasions. Let that special someone know about your appreciation by friendship rings—there’s something for everyone!

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