Gold Promise Rings

January 29, 2017
Gold Promise Rings
We are of the impression that the concept of exchanging of promise rings is a modern one. Promise rings have been and are still exchanged to seal a promise between two people.

The promise can be anything from a promise made between two friends, a promise to abstain from sex until marriage or perhaps a promise of marriage between two people.

Promise rings come in various materials like titanium, gold, diamond and silver. Gold is a commodity that was once used as a monetary standard for many nations and is now popular for its value and beauty, which is the reason people like gold promise rings.

Gold Promise RingsSince a promise ring is exchanged to signify the strength of the relationship between two people, gold promise rings can be best used to signify the strength existing between two people. It signifies the heat of the relationship between the couple that intends to marry in a short time.

Of course, with the engagement, the promise ring is replaced with an engagement ring, and then this ring is replaced by a marriage ring.
When exchanging gold promise rings, it is very important for the meaning of the exchange of the rings to be clarified. It is, therefore, important to state the reason for the exchange of the gold ring, to avoid any complications and misunderstandings in the future.

Gold Promise Rings are Beautiful To Wear

Gold promise rings are also famous for their beautiful designs all over the world and intricate designs for all kind of gold rings are the result of the best craftsmanship.

Another major part of the cost for a piece of gold promise rings are the cost for labor, especially for pieces set with precious stones. 10K gold is the minimum karat that can be called "gold" in the United States.

Gold Promise rings are the easiest of the gold to buy and has the enjoyment of being able to be worn and are sophisticated and refined, and is a divine and precious metal that is perfect for all occasions.

Pure (24-karat) gold can sometimes be too soft and malleable for everyday wear. Therefore, gold promise rings are usually complemented by a mixture of other alloyed metals (such as silver, copper, nickel and zinc) to help it retain more resistance and strength.

When wearing pure gold it will not tarnish like silver or other metals, there is a small chance that people are allergic to gold, so it is a great metal for promise rings. However, gold can be made into promise rings of different and exciting colors by adding different metals to it.

Many religious promise rings have been created out gold, going back to the beginning of man you will find many pieces crafted out of gold. The most well-known precious metals are gold and silver, in addition to platinum and palladium (a by-product of platinum).

The best things that makes gold worth its name are the characteristics of gold—its malleability and ductility, making it the best metal to work upon. With the internet gaining popularity the online jewelers are able to sell gold and other metals at discount prices.

Through an electronic oxidation process jewelers can actually change the crystalline structure of the surface of the metal.

ewelers can convey their very best craftsmanship on this metal. If the gold promise rings are to be worn everyday, make sure it is between 14-18 karat gold. (The karat measurement denotes what percentage of the gold promise rings are made of pure gold. A good way to analyze if a certain style of gold promise rings are profitable and beneficial for a business is to understand your competitors’ prices.

What to Consider When Buying Gold Promise Rings

Gold promise rings have been the traditionally exchanged ring between two people who love each other and nothing can be more wonderful for brides to be than be offered such a gift as this by their respective grooms. But not all gold promise rings looking are really made of real gold.

Gold can either be 24, 18 or 14 karat. 18 karat promise rings are the standard karat value in European countries, while 14-karat gold is enough for American gold ring buyers.

The purest of all has 24-karat value and it consists of around 100% of gold. 24-karat gold has been the standard pure gold worldwide and was recently reduced to 14-K for a gold to be of high standard.

Anything lower than 14K is considered of sub-standard value and may not be as valuable as other gold with higher karat value.

24-karat gold is the highest priced of all gold, as would be expected as it is the finest. Pricing is set on a per gram of gold basis. Standard 18-karat would cost around $27 to $36 per gram, while 14-karat gold ranges from $20 to $30 per gram. The standard rule when evaluating prices is that the higher the weight, the more expensive the gold is.

The karat value must be explicitly known to buying customers. This is done by using a stamped marking of the karat that gold promise rings contain. If you are buying an item with no hallmark, the chances are, that item is not authentic and might be fake.

Another thing to look out for gold promise rings is their color. Generally, they are colored yellow. Traditionally, yellow colored gold promise rings are the most popular. But today, the white gold variants are becoming popular and as expensive as well.

A combination of yellow, rose and white or green gold for example. For wedding or engagement promise rings though, the yellow colored variety are still the preferred kind.

Buying gold promise ring should be done carefully. Gold promise rings are precious jewelries that should last a lifetime and one can only make this piece of jewelry last a lifetime if you buy the authenticated and real type.

There are many jewelry shops worldwide which sell gold promise rings. Online jewelry stores may offer a safer alternative way of shopping for gold promise rings and other jewelry.

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