Promise Rings as a Symbol

January 25, 2017
Promise Rings as a Symbol
Promise rings are most commonly associated with a man gifting a woman a ring as a promise of marriage in the near future.

Sometimes though, Promise Rings have different uses than what is commonly used. Rather than simply limiting its use to pre-engagement rings, there are a number of other common uses. Basically it all boils down to symbolically representing a promise to oneself or to another party.

Infinity Symbol Promise RingPromise rings are not limited for the use of a pre-engagement ring, but can represent a promise between non-romantic friends, a promise to be chaste, a promise of substance abstinence, a promise to remain free from an addiction, a promise of monogamy, silence, spiritual commitment, and much more.
One should not keep such a limited view of the promise ring as just being a pre-engagement ring, but see the potential of its other purposes as well. As seen, a promise ring can symbolize any promise that is made between to individuals or even a promise made to oneself. A promise ring is simply a physical sign of a commitment.
Many Promise Rings designs contain the heart symbol and it is symbolic in that the lover dedicates their heart to being with each other.

Other designs don't necessarily contain hearts. They are usually simplistic in design and may have diamonds. Many use 3 stone diamond rings (usually smaller in stone size than the engagement three stone) or another classic design.
Both men and women can give promise rings . Some promise rings do feature small diamonds, but any ring can represent a promise.

If the ring is wide enough, the giver can have a names or initials engraved or a few words that summarize the promise. It's best to avoid band rings, though, which can be mistaken for wedding rings.
When it comes to deciphering what do promise rings mean , it all depends on the individual wearing the ring. The same ring could have different meanings to different people.

In addition to romantic promise rings, these rings are sometimes worn to symbolize a vow of chastity or purity. There are also religious rings that declare one's religious affiliation.

As you can see there is no one meaning to a promise ring. It can mean anything the wearer wants it to mean. The underlying message of the ring is far more important than the ring itself.

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