Matching Promise Rings For Couples

March 20, 2017
Why are matching Promise Rings a great gift for a young couple? They remains a popular trend among teens for exchanging these rings because of the underlying “promise” attached in the exchange. The promise equates to the couples sole devotion to each other.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples
Slightly similar but not as committed as a pre engagement ring, for couples too young or not yet willing to get engaged. The Promise ring range go from the delicately ornate, replete with hearts and gems, to the plain classic band. Choosing matching promise rings is a symbolic way for a couple to show off the promise they share, whether it is a promise of a future relationship to one another or if it is a shared commitment to chastity or Christian purity.

In most cases, however, his and hers matching promise rings are sign of an impending engagement in the future. Whatever the reason for wearing his and hers rings, these beautiful promise rings can be a lovely way to share a bond.

The practice of giving matching promise rings for couples is becoming increasingly popular nowadays after many years of the custom having fallen out of favor. Today, such rings are given and either platonic or romantic relationships. While you may think that the practice of giving matching promise rings  is a new development, similar practices have already existed for thousands of years. Numerous writings and artifacts that show that giving rings as a means to seal promises was practiced by church officials and dignitaries prove this.

Couples can choose a wide range of designs for matching promise rings. Popular styles include:

  • Class Rings : While his and hers class rings may not be identical, exchanging these personalized symbols can keep a couple closely connected.
  • Plain Bands : Plain metal bands are the easiest types of rings to find in matching styles. They could be made from gold, silver, or platinum, though these precious metals may be confused with wedding rings. Choosing a more unique metal, such as inlaid titanium, can make a promise ring distinctive.
  • Couples’ Rings : Many jewelers offer customized rings specifically designed for couples. They may feature the couple’s names or initials engraved on the outside of the ring, or they may include birthstones or gemstones.
  • Birthstone Rings : A birthstone engagement ring is highly symbolic, and that same symbolism is popular for his and hers promise rings. Couples can choose a ring style that includes both their birthstones, or each may wear a ring with the birthstone of their significant other.
  • Celtic Rings : Celtic rings feature intricately woven, highly symbolic knots and other symbols that can easily be worn by men and women, making them popular choices for promise rings.
  • Matching Gemstones : If a couple cannot find a style of ring that suits them both, it is possible to create unique rings that have matching gemstones. The couple could choose a distinctive diamond shape or a specific semi precious gemstone to add a matching element to their individual rings.
  • Engravings : Different his and hers rings can also be made to match with personalized engravings. The same words, phrases, or symbols can be engraved onto different promise rings to make them match in symbolism even if the ring styles are very different.
His and hers promise rings may showcase the strong bond a couple shares, but they can also cause problems. There are not many promise rings for men available and it can be difficult to match elaborate rings for a suitable set.

If a couple chooses easier matching sets such as plain bands, however, the rings may be misinterpreted as wedding rings or a stronger commitment than the couple has currently made. If this is the type of rings the couple chooses, they must be prepared to explain their choice and their promise so there is no confusion about their relationship or what their promise means.
Young couples have now the nice problem of picking out beautiful rings together to show their true commitment to one another. A promise rings can represent a vow of monogamy between you and your partner, or it can symbolize a commitment to remain pure until marriage.
Matching promise rings are appropriate for anyone who is old enough to have a serious relationship. Exchanging promise rings may even serve as a reasonable substitute for marriage in the eyes of couples who don't want to get legally married. These rings can be fashionable, but first and foremost are representations of love and honour.

Who Can Wear Matching Promise Rings?

At one point in a persons life, it is inevitable that he or she will meet someone to make a promise to. It may be a lover, a friend, or a family member. Anyone can make a promise to someone. Couples, whether they are to be engaged or not, wear matching promise rings for couples to signify their love and loyalty to one another. Then again, matching promise rings are not just made between lovers.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples
They are not made just for romantic commitment. Matching promise rings can be worn by the best of friends as a symbol of their never ending friendship. A promise that no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for each other. Parents can also give to and wear matching promise rings with their children as a reminder that mommy and daddy will always love them. A promise ring truly can hold a lot of different promises.

Tips In Buying Matching Promise Rings

Matching promise rings for him and her is very symbolic as it can hold a plethora of meanings. It is essentially something that is special. Because of this, buying this type of ring can be challenging. A lot of thought and effort needs to be put in to find the perfect rings.
  • Who are you going to give it to – Think of the person who will receive and who will wear the promise ring with you. This is important because you need to take into consideration his or her preferences aside from yours.
  • What the rings symbolize – It is a key factor in deciding the style, design, and material of the matching promise rings you are going to buy. You may want to choose a tungsten ring to symbolize a strong promise or simply choose a ring that is appropriate for the promise. The meaning behind the rings can help you decide on the material, style, and design of the rings.
  • How much your budget is – Your budget is important because it will narrow down your search for matching promise rings. You can look for them in jewelry stores or look through internet sites such as our site to help you find what you are looking for and to look for great deals. You can also opt to have the rings custom made. What is important is that you canvass first before buying anything.
Whether it is a promise ring for him or a promise ring for her, the important thing is that you capture the essence of the promise, of the commitment you are going to make, in the matching promise rings you are going to wear.

Matching Promise Rings For Couples – History

Although the term promise rings has been in use since the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, they are typically given as a sign of love and friendship. A particularly popular form of matching promise rings for couples was called the scribbling ring , and the embedded diamond crystals were used to etch romantic messages into windowpanes.

Another type of promise ring given in the past was called the poesy ring. These matching promise rings for couples were typically engraved with a message to a lover or very close friend.

Matching Promise Rings For CouplesWhen you’re looking to buy matching promise rings for him and her , keep in mind that they should be seen as a significant commitment that you intend to keep. This is particularly to with matching promise rings that contain a diamond. what you are trying to avoid in these situations is your intended message to be misconstrued. You may find that a short simple note given along with the ring would be helpful in making your intentions clear.

Cheap Matching Promise Rings For Couples

Some of the more common reasons to give matching promise rings for couples are during pre-engagement, as a vow of chastity or abstinence, and as a promise to remain monogamous. For purposes of pre-engagement matching promise rings, couples typically exchange these when they are sure of each other’s commitment but aren’t quite ready to become engaged yet. When given as a sign of chastity or abstinence, these rings are often given by a parent to their child. This signifies the child’s promise to abstain from sex until marriage. In some cases it may also symbolize a child’s promise to abstain from alcohol and illegal substances. Finally, matching promise rings for couples are also given by couples as a sign to remain faithful to one another.

Regardless of what the reasons are for giving matching promise rings for couples, the important thing is the sentiment behind it. Many people take such customs very seriously and it is not something you want to play around with unless you truly mean what the ring signifies. Make sure that your intentions are clear and that the receiver understands them totally, stay firm in your commitment to keeping your promise, and your matching promise rings for couples will remain a binding symbol for many years to come.

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