What Personalized Promise Rings Mean

February 09, 2017
The meaning of personalized promise rings can be as varied and different as the individuals who give and accept the rings.

Generally speaking though, a promise ring symbolizes:
  • The commitment two people have made to one another – This can be a commitment simply to stay together as a couple or a commitment to a future engagement or marriage. If it's a commitment to a future engagement or marriage, the ring may be referred to as a pre-engagement promise ring.
  • A religious promise ring – This type of promise ring signifies the wearer's commitment to their faith.
  • A commitment to abstinence – These are referred to as purity promise rings in which the wearer commits his or herself to abstaining from sex until marriage. The purity promise ring can also signify that the wearer is choosing to abstain from things like alcohol and tobacco.
  • Friendship promise rings – These rings are exchanged between good friends with no romantic attachments. 
Personalized Promise Rings
When a person wants to give a truly special promise, a piece of personalized promise rings, either gold or silver, is a wonderful way to please the recipient. Men and women both enjoy receiving a personalized piece, and there are many items to choose from.

A name designed into a ring, engraved titanium ring, or a gold or silver charm for a ring are all excellent promise rings to show how special someone is.
If you want to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, then getting a personalized promise ring is the trick. While silver is typically used to make/design a promise ring, white and yellow gold bands of 10k and 14k can be done.

You can also do birthstone engraved promise rings for the person you want to give it to. If you don’t want a message but still want your ring engraved… place your name and the date you find significant.
Personalized Promise Rings are more attractive than ordinary promise rings. They make a personal statement on behalf of the givers and are an ideal way to convey respect and sentiment. Personalized Promise Rings in gold or silver are a way to make promise ring unique and to establish ownership.

Men and women enjoy wearing quality personalized promise rings, and the extra thoughtfulness of giving personalized gift of promise rings can tell the recipient how much they are cared for and loved.
Many of these items can be found at any quality jewelry store, with guarantees and services that come with the piece.

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