Princess Cut Promise Ring - Romantic Gift for Your Girl

February 12, 2017
A princess cut promise ring can be a romantic gift for the woman that you love. It's a great as an engagement ring or for a post-wedding gift. With the escalating sales of promise rings, jewelries carry a wide range with a variety of features. Besides the ring features, you should also consider the price as it should fit your budget.

Princess Cut Promise Ring
Are you trying to figure out which ring will be perfect for your girlfriend? Do you want to ensure that she loves her diamond engagement ring for all the years that she will wear it?

There are many cuts and styles to choose from and one of them is the princess cut Promise Ring. Here is why the princess cut is the perfect ring for some women.
First, you must understand that every woman is very different and you have to tune into what she wants in a ring before you ever try to pick this ring out for her.

Second, know that the princess cut is a very popular ring and is loved by many women. This is the type of cut that will enhance the diamond's size without it having to be huge. This is important because the more sparkle and size to the ring the better in most cases.

Third, princess cut Promise Ring just one of many different styles and there seem to be many new cuts coming out every year so be careful what you pick.
Depending on which type of stone that she'll like and what you can afford, a diamond promise ring has been an all time favorite.

If that stone isn't within your budget, some women actually prefer a CZ or a set moissanite stone as they give a bright sparkle and flare due their manufactured perfections.

If you know for sure or she demands a diamond princess cut promise ring, a solitaire princess cut diamond promise ring may be that gift that will light up her fire.
Things to consider are the clarity and color of the ring.
  • clarity, you can spend a lot if you want an IF, VVS1 or VVS2 rating which are flawless or slightly included. Acceptable ranges can be VS1, VS2, or slighly included SI1 or SI2.
  • color, a rating G-J will show you that it is nearly colorless while D-F is colorless.
How about the metal type? Is she a gold lover? If so, does she love white or gold? If you're not sure, white gold is a pretty safe metal type. Besides gold, you can also choose platinum which is a little lighter on the weight side. However, platinum doesn't give the bright shine as white gold provides.
So if you really want to impress her with a romantic and stunning gift, please her with the sophistication of a brilliant princess cut promise ring. Some shops have a beautiful style, but don't have the right size available. Some shops have a very limited selection which can send you traveling from shop to shop. To avoid this, you can visit online stores that carry a large selection of jewelry and at discounted prices.

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