Princess Promise Ring Diamond

February 21, 2017
Princess Promise Ring
The princess promise ring diamond is more forgiving of diamond flaws. Any inclusions are less visible and any slight yellowish color is less noticeable. Also because of the extra faceting, princess promise rings are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than ordinary square diamonds.

What to watch out for is that the setting for your princess promise ring diamond protects the four pointed corners as these are the points prone to chipping. A recommendation for a good princess promise ring diamond is having a depth percentage range of 58-80% and table of 58-77%.

While not the traditional selection, princess promise rings are becoming very popular either as a solitaire or with accent stones.

Princess Promise Ring Guide

The princess promise rings that are popular today are a great improvement over the step cut used for square and oddly shaped diamonds. It is basically a square version of the brilliant cut, and is known technically as a square modified brilliant cut. The princess diamond cut was invented to obtain maximum brilliance from the diamond.

Advantages of the Princess Promise Ring

The princess promise ring works best with deep stones. This allows the maximum weight retention, and lowers the final cost per carat.

More Sparkle

Princess promise rings are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than other square diamonds.

Limitations of The Princess Promise Ring

Any sharp point on any diamond or other gemstone is a potentially vulnerable point, and the four corner angles of princess promise ring diamonds are no exception.

Not Just for Diamonds

The advantages of princess promise ring are not restricted purely to diamonds, it can be used on many other gemstones. The princess promise ring will obviously work best with lighter colored transparent stones.

Future Developments of the Princess Promise Ring

We believe that new variations of the princess promise ring will be developed with the corners cut in the manner of the emerald cut.

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