Promise Rings White Gold

February 25, 2017
Promise Rings White Gold
A promise ring is unlike any of piece of jewelry you buy your lover throughout your relationship. It is a symbol of your promise to marry her someday.

They are also looked at as how far you would go to impress the one you love. So, it is an extremely important choice when you decide for promise ring that expresses your feelings best.

You will have unlimited option when it comes to deciding on promise rings, or other important rings. You can choose from thousands of styles and types of rings. The type of metal you can use is also an option that you have to decide on.

Gold is considered as the traditional metal for promise ring but some people simply don’t like the look of it.
Silver is also a popular choice for promise ring but it can tarnish easily. Some people cannot wear it because the skin under their rings turning green, and black in some cases. Thus, you should consider promise rings white gold if gold, silver or platinum are to not to your liking.
Like yellow gold promise ring, promise rings white gold are measured in karats. Popular markings are 18K, 14K, and 9K, and the quality stamp is found inside the ring. Eighteen-karat promise rings white gold are mix of 75% pure gold and 25% white metal, usually palladium or nickel.
In market, promise rings white gold are more preferable compared to yellow gold promise ring. It is also usually harder that’s why it can last for longer period of time. Promise rings white gold are usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold promise ring because it doesn’t wash off after years of use.
Another great attribute of promise rings white gold are that it looks great when encrusted with diamonds or precious stones. The neutral promise rings white gold will draw attention to the diamond or precious stone and will add an element of mystery and intrigue to it.
Promise rings white gold will not easily corrode or tarnish and is rust-free but with constant use, it may appear dull overtime. To care for your promise rings white gold, just use a baby toothbrush, warm water and a detergent free soap.

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