Silver Promise Rings

February 07, 2017
When a couple decides to exchange promise ring, they're proclaiming their commitment and love for one another.

In modern times, one of the biggest advantages of silver promise ring over gold promise ring is its affordability. Almost everyone can afford to purchase a silver jewelry for themselves nowadays. And, what's more, they make great and affordable gifts.
Silver Promise Rings
Silver promise ring have become a part of fashion for the general public in lieu of gold promise ring. That is also why it is called the average man’s ring.

Some types of rings are set in sterling silver. These could be puzzle rings, friendship rings and just a regular personal ring.
Some silver promise ring come with a gemstone set in the middle. Some of the women like this type of silver promise ring as it is prettier and more appealing to their tastes than gold promise ring. Some silver promise ring are set on silver necklaces so that it looks like a pendant.

How to Save on Your Silver Promise Ring

When it comes to buying the perfect promise ring, we know that it's as important as the promise itself. Since this promise ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that reminds you of something very dear, a cherished moment in your life, the promise ring should be absolutely nothing short of perfect. A great way to symbolize this infinity, commitment, strength and love is by choosing a silver promise ring.
When choosing the metal for a promise ring you will have many choices, 24 carat gold, 18 carat gold, sterling silver, platinum, and titanium. Each metal has its own beauty, and your choice should be made based on your style and the style of your spouse.
Of course, these rings do not have to be extremely expensive for them to signify true love. There are cheap promise rings that can serve the same purpose. There are people who will go so far to save money that they will actually buy a silver promise ring.

You can still get high quality gold jewelry at a better price if you look hard enough. There are companies that offer great discounts and even wholesale prices on promise rings, and remember that the money you save on the ring can be spent on the honeymoon instead.
If price doesn't play a significant role in your search for the most incredible silver promise ring, you should know that local jewelry stores can offer an array of extraordinary styles. In case your spouse disagree with the design of your choice, she may even exchange it. However, double-check on the jewelers return policy before you buy the ring.
If you are wanting to purchase a silver promise ring, then your best bet is likely to limit your searching to the online stores. You will come across many websites that will help you to get a silver promise ring at an affordable price many gorgeous rings are available for under $100! At the same time, you will be able to compare the quality of design that is offered by the online shops. The downside is that exchanges/returns may be more difficult.
It is not difficult to get promise ring with lower cost. However, you should know that cheap promise ring may not have as wide a variety of patterns and design. However, a majority of the available designs are fascinating.
In spite of whether you select a silver promise ring or a diamond ring, the right spirit of the event must be kept in mind. Go for a silver promise ring which will reveal your true love for her.

How to look after your Silver Promise Ring

Silver promise ring should be cleaned using a high quality cloth. Don't use a 'silver dip' product or any heavy scouring agent. You may get a bright polish effect to begin with but these will damage the metal and depending on design and finish of your silver promise ring.

Silver itself, is mostly resistant to corrosion, water and oxygen will not cause a reaction at normal temperatures and pressures. But it will tarnish with exposure to air, in reaction with atmospheric traces of hydrogen sulfide. The tarnish substance itself is called 'Black silver sulfide'.

Silver cleaning cloths act by removing this sulfur element, whilst leaving the metal surface undamaged. Tarnishing also occurs as a result of the other metals in the sterling alloy. Copper does react with oxygen and this is why silver sometimes develops a 'coppery' hue corrosion.
  • Salt will corrode most metals. Avoid wearing your silver promise ring in the sea and when doing tasks that include exposure to household chemicals.
  • Clean sweat from your silver promise ring, as the salt it contains will build up and can react with metal.
  • Remove silver promise ring before swimming - chlorine is not kind to silver!
  • Exposure to sunlight will increase the rate at which tarnishing occurs, so it's always a good idea to clean silver promise ring after sun exposure.
  • It is also advisable to avoid storing your silver promise ring in areas of variable temperature or constant bright light.
  • Wearing your silver promise ring regularly will slow tarnishing. As a soft precious metal, silver will scratch easily. It's important to always store your silver promise ring away from other hard items.
  • Avoid jumbled silver promise ring boxes crammed full of different items. The best place to store your silver promise ring is in the box that it came in. 
So to signify this promise, a promise ring can be exchanged between two people. There are many types of promise rings available: diamond, titanium, gold, white gold and silver promise rings, to name a few.

Silver Promise Rings
There are also many reasons to exchange promise rings: to signify the sealing of a long relationship between two people, to promise not to have sex until marriage, or perhaps to signify being a member of a cult or religious group.

Silver is a metal that has been used since the time of ancient civilizations to make everything from dishes to armor and crafted jewelry like silver promise rings. As such, a person with a small budget for a promise ring could ideally opt for a silver promise ring.

As silver is a malleable and ductile metal, the silver promise ring could be inscribed with lovely, private wordings to seal the relationship.

However, one of the disadvantages of exchanging silver promise rings is that since silver is susceptible to tarnishing and scratching, the silver promise ring might become tarnished and scratched in the long run. To maintain the life of the silver ring, it should be stored in a cool, dry place and regularly rubbed with a polish and polishing cloth.

The Meaning of the Silver Promise Rings

Silver Promise rings are really popular in the world we live in today. Along with gold and white gold, silver tops the list of most popular precious metals used to make promise rings all across the globe. But, where did the Promise ring originate?

By tradition, the brides ring was silver while, and the grooms' would be gold. But, today almost any type of metal may be used for the promise ring of both the groom and the bride.

Silver Promise rings are traditionally placed on the left hand and on the ring finger. The Promise ring is placed on the ring finger because of the belief that a vein in that finger runs directly to the heart, making the Promise ring a symbol of love and commitment.

The silver Promise ring symbolizes eternal love between two people, it is considered to be one of the most romantic of precious metals, and is often combined with diamonds. These beautiful rings make the perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, and of course, make the perfect Promise rings.

Silver Promise Rings and Where to Buy Them

Every fine jewelry store across the nation and beyond sells high quality silver Promise rings. They can be bought online, but it is a good idea to go to a jeweler and have the ring sized perfectly for your finger, although if you are sure about your ring size ordering ready made rings too are a good choice.

Promise rings come in all different styles and can be great for men or women, because the variety of styles can be either masculine or feminine. A few of the styles that are popular with silver rings are the original Promise bands, Celtic silver Promise bands, and braided bands, just to name a few.
Silver Promise ring is all a choice of taste; in some cases, people even have them engraved with special names or words. You should always choose a ring that reflects your personal style and has a comfortable fit. But no matter the cost the silver Promise ring is a symbol love, and should be cherished.

Silver Promise Rings Overview

Silver promise rings symbolize purity. This ring is given by parents to their children especially to teens as a remainder to maintain virginity until marriage. In the United States, there is a movement that is called Silver Ring Thing. This movement is a way to raise awareness regarding the increasing number of sexually-transmitted disease cases. The target of this campaign is teenagers. Silver Ring Thing celebrate this event with loud music, lighting, short comedy, and abstinence message.

In mythological view, silver promise rings are worn by Pagan priestesses. Silver rings are worn mostly by women as a symbol of association with feminine energies. Silver rings are also represents a woman’s religious and magical beliefs.

Symbolism of Silver Promise Rings

Just like silver promise rings, the Sterling silver promise rings are also given by parents as a reminder of sexual abstinence until marriage. Sterling silver rings are also given by opposite sex as a symbol of taking the next step which is marriage.

Silver promise rings are also given by both individuals to make a vow that they remain celibate. The reason behind this vow is to ensure that your partner will wait and ensure purity until you get married. Of course, most people want to have their first time to be special and silver promise rings serve as a great reminder for your pact.

Sterling silver rings do not only represent your love for human-beings, these also signify your love or devotion for God. This ring stands for unending love for God regardless of challenges that you face.

Whatever meaning you want to convey using your silver promise rings, Sterling silver rings offer a wide variety of design for you to choose from. Sterling has ring styles that will definitely suit for you and your partner. Some of the available sterling silver rings are Diamond Heart Promise Ring Crafted in Sterling Silver .07ct, Sterling Silver Round Diamond Heart Promise Ring (1/10 cttw), Sterling Silver Diamond Solitaire Promise ring .07ct tw (Sizes 4-9), Sterling Silver Round Diamond Promise Ring (0.12 CTTW), Three Stone Diamond Heart Shape Silver Promise Rings in Sterling Silver ( Sizes 4-9), and more.

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