White Gold Promise Ring

February 01, 2017
White Gold Promise Ring
White gold is gold that has been alloyed with other metals such as silver, palladium or nickel and of course it’s not as expensive as pure gold.

For couples looking for something a little special, white gold promise ring can be the ideal way to demonstrate their commitment.

White Gold Promise Ring
White gold promise ring is great because it looks fresh. It is quite neutral and understated and thus looks great on most people, which you cannot say about traditional yellow gold promise ring.

Sometimes traditional gold promise ring does not quite fit with a person’s character because it is bold and quite charismatic.

More and more, white gold promise ring is being chosen over the traditional gold promise ring. It is a beautifully unique and elegant way to show your love.
If you are already looking forward to wear a precious white gold promise ring on your girl’s finger, then you might as well do a little research about it before finally purchasing it.

White gold promise ring has several advantages

A white gold promise ring can cost as little as one-fourth the price of a platinum promise ring or other more expensive metal.

White gold promise ring is also lighter in weight than platinum promise ring and is stronger and more durable than most pure or yellow gold promise ring. White gold promise ring is also more scratch resistant, allowing the ring to maintain a flawless appearance under more strenuous activities.

For many women, white gold promise ring is a more versatile metal than yellow gold promise ring. Furthermore, white gold promise ring more easily highlights the brilliance of diamonds, whereas yellow gold promise ring may create the illusion of a yellowish tint on some styles.

There’s no type of metal is perfect. So does with white gold

Commonly, white gold promise ring actually has a tinge of yellow to it (especially if mixed with nickel) or a greyish tinge (often found is mixed with palladium).

When the white gold promise ring is plated with rhodium, it gets a much crisper and whiter appearance. However this plating will wear off. You will need to get the white gold promise ring replated about every 12-24 months.

Tips for buying white gold promise ring

You can find white gold promise ring at most jeweler store around your place. Or if you want to get more cheaper price and item guaranteed, you can search through internet for online jewelry shopping
And one more important thing when buying white gold promise ring ensure you get a certificate or a guarantee that it is actual what gold you are buying.

A certificate that describes exactly what you are getting not just the white gold promise ring but what the alloy is in and the carat and the coating is if any.

What Are White Gold Promise Rings For?

Promise rings, as its name suggests, are worn to serve as a reminder of a promise or commitment that is made. More often than not, couples usually use white gold promise rings to symbolize their promise to love one another. In this sense, it may be similar to that of an engagement or wedding ring. These rings serve not just as a symbol, but also as a seal to that promise. White gold promise rings are also for promises other than that made by lovers. The promise rings may also serve as a reminder of any kind of promise–the commitment to be friends forever, to stay in touch, to be back after a long time, and any other promises. All in all, white gold promise rings are an elegant symbol to remind you and others of a promise and commitment.

Advantages Of White Gold Promise Rings

Aside from their function as a symbol and reminder, there are also other advantages as to why you should choose white gold as the material for your promise ring. White gold is considered and regarded by many as the best alternative to pure gold and platinum. The material is an alloy of gold which means that it still has gold content.

White gold promise rings do not easily tarnish in time. This is probably one of its best advantages. Aside from less maintenance worries, the timeless beauty of the material can also symbolize everlasting promises. White gold is also durable and strong. It is even much stronger than platinum. It cannot be damaged or bent easily. This feature also enhances the essence of the promise ring.

When it comes to appearance and appeal, this ring exudes simplicity and elegance. The white material can be easily paired with any design and style. Customizing the ring is also not a problem. It has a classy look that is very pleasing.

Promise rings made of white gold is also more affordable than others. It is a quality material that fits your budget so you are sure that you have a great deal when you buy one. White gold promise rings are a stylish way for you to show and keep your promises.

14K White Gold Promise Ring

In site of their sheer impressiveness however, white gold promise rings don’t necessarily have to be as expensive as you would think. If you live in a decent sized city, there are bound to be a few jewelry and accessory stores in your area that can accommodate your needs for relatively inexpensive white gold promise rings.

White gold promise rings share one thing in common with all other types of promise rings regardless of material, and that is that they represent a fairly serious commitment. It is easy enough to make a promise in the heat of emotion, but exchanging promise rings that effectively serve as constant reminders will mean that the two parties involved are quite serious about the vows being exchanged as well.

This custom of assigning deeper meanings to promise rings was actually practiced as far back as the 16th century, when such rings were typically exchanged to signify an engagement or a promise to marry sometime in the future. Back then, giving promise rings was serious business indeed, as it often paved the way for tying the knot.

Exchanging promise rings today isn’t always as “serious”, and they can be exchanged for reasons ranging from vows of dating “exclusivity” to quitting smoking. Even the market for promise rings has changed somewhat, with just as many friends or family members as lovers getting in on the trend. Promise rings today can in fact be worn by practically anyone, with promise rings for men having become quite popular over the past several years.

Diamond White Gold Promise Ring 

The beauty of a white gold promise ring is that they aren’t nearly as expensive as pure gold promise rings but they are certainly every bit as impressive. While settling for promise rings made out of cheaper materials wont likely get you in the good graces of the receiver, giving a white gold promise ring is bound to impress almost just as if you had exchanged solid gold promise rings.

In any case, the important thing to remember in all this is that it is the sentiments behind promise rings and not its price that make them so special. Say it like you mean it with a white gold promise ring, and you have a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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