Promise Gold Ring

March 04, 2017
Promise Gold Ring
A promise ring is a ring that is given as a promise between two people. This promise need not mean a promise that leads to marriage. It traditionally is given during dating when the relationship turns more serious.

Promise rings are not necessarily meant just for women. The current trend is for the woman to also give the gift of a promise ring to a man.

Promise ring should be made of a precious metal, such as silver, gold or platinum. The tradition to adhere to is that the ring be one solid circle. A continuous circle represents the circle of life or the unending love and affection that you are aiming to embody.
Gold is a commodity that popular for its value and beauty, which is the reason people like promise gold rings. Gold is a very strong metal. Since a promise ring is exchanged to signify the strength of the relationship between two people, promise gold rings can be best used to signify the strength existing between two people.

The color varies from bright yellow to dull yellow depending on the type of metal that is added to it to make a perfect promise gold ring.

In jewelry, gold is often alloyed or melted with other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, and nickel to give the metal added strength. These combination creates the different karat measurements such as 18-karat gold and 14-karat gold. 24-karat gold is gold in its purest form.

Who Can Wear Promise Gold Ring

In all honesty, anyone can wear a promise gold ring, but it may not be the best choice for every bride-to-be. It's wise to know what works best for your body and your skin tone so you can make an educated decision about your preferences. Warm skin tones, those with yellow undertones, sport yellow gold the best. That's not to say that cool toned girls should never wear it, but they usually look best in white gold, platinum, and silver.

If you're buying a promise gold ring for someone as a surprise, don't go by their skin tone and coloring alone. If the recipient wears mostly yellow gold, buy a promise gold ring. If they wear white gold most often, match it. Don't go by trends, skin tone, or tradition; instead, go by what feels right to symbolize your relationship with that individual and make the ring as individual as she is.

Where to Find Promise Gold Ring

The hunt for promise gold ring is as simple as going online. You can search on foot, too, of course, and in the long run you may prefer to inspect the pieces in person before you buy.

Getting an idea of the styles available and forming preferences is possible by spending an hour or two surfing online. Doing the early searches online can help you choose the stores you want to check out in person, too, which will also save you time in your pursuit of the perfect promise gold ring.

Caring for Promise Gold Ring

Store a promise gold ring in a cloth box or bag away from other jewelry to prevents the promise gold ring from becoming scratched by other jewelry.

Promise gold ring can be cleaned in a mild solution of soap and water or with special jewelry cleansers as well as alcohol and ammonia. However, ammonia should never be used on jewelry with fracture-filled diamonds ( if your ring or jewelry has diamonds on it of course ) as it may cause them to become cloudy or discolored.

Cleaning brushes should be used cautiously because they may cause scratching, particularly on higher karat-value pieces.

Chlorine should be avoided at all costs, as it may cause gold to dissolve or become pitted. So remove your promise gold ring before swimming or entering a hot tub, or when using harsh cleansers that may contain chlorine.

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